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How Much Does Blind and Shade Cleaning Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How Much Does Blind and Shade Cleaning Cost?
How Much Does Blind and Shade Cleaning Cost?

For many homes, apartments, and businesses, blinds and shades have replaced traditional curtains. Sturdy and rugged, they come in a variety of materials that resist fading. Blinds come in wood, vinyl, metal, fabric, or even woven-wood. Unlike fabric curtains that can be tossed into the washer and cleaned, blinds and shades require more time, and often special products to achieve good results. While the cost to maintain them is often more than curtains, they seldom need replaced, and preserve their beauty much longer than even high quality drapes.

Average Prices


Homes and apartments often contain a large number of blinds and shades. The time it takes a home owner or renter to clean them by hand can be long and laborious. Companies that specialize in removing the dirt, use a distinctive process that takes much less time. The average two bedroom house has ten to fifteen window and door coverings, and it can cost from $73 to $160 to clean them all. The standard apartment has six to eight blinds or shades, and it usually runs between $87-$149 to clean these. Businesses are another story. A professional service often has to come on site for these cleanings, and it can cost from $178 to $247, depending on the size.


Blind Types

Horizontal blinds have a tendency to attract more dirt then vertical ones. It is easier for particulate matter to attach itself to a flat surface than an upright one. For this reason, it may cost $61 to $133 for cleaning of a horizontal blind, while the same size in a vertical could run $63 to $128. That doesn’t mean only buy vertical blinds to save on cleaning cost. Practicality and personal preference should always be the deciding factors when it comes to purchase.


Blind Materials

Some companies use a new method for cleaning vinyl, wood, and metal blinds, called “ultrasonic cleaning” that introduces the use of sound technology along with a liquid medium to get the dirt out. This process is much faster than hand cleaning and be done at a "per-blind" cost. Fabric blinds usually require steam cleaning and the cost to clean the average size covering can vary. The average price for vinyl blinds are $94, metal blinds are $97, wood blinds are $104 and fabric blinds are $116.


Mildew Removal

Homes in humid regions that go unoccupied for extended periods of time can acquire mold buildup on blinds and shades. These fungi can have serious health effects if not handled with care. Spores in the air can cause adverse reactions to asthma sufferers, those with weak immune systems, and even give birth to athletes foot. When mold is present, necessary precautions can increase the cost of a project, and turn it from a $88 job into a $139 dollar job.


Window Height

Standard openings of eight feet or less don’t require special ladders or scaffolding for removal of, and/or cleaning of blinds. For homes and businesses that have higher items that need cleaning of say, twelve, fifteen, or even twenty feet; more risk, time, and labor, are involved, leading to additional cost. A twelve foot job can be 25% more than an eight foot high project. Fifteen feet is considered two stories and can be double the cost of a single story. Blind and shade cleaning at twenty feet or more calls for specialized crews, and can drive the cost, two and a half to three times higher than a job at ground level. The price for cleaning 8 foot blinds are $86, 12 foot blinds are $103, 15 foot blinds are $174 and 20 foot blinds are $221.


Blind and Shade Cleaning Services

Few people have the patience to go around the house and clean every blind by hand. It takes a tremendous amount of time, and robs us of more enjoyable projects. By calling a blind and shade cleaning pro to do the work instead, you can have your entire house done in a jiffy, and have a good time doing things you enjoy much more.

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