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Brick Laying Driveway Guide

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Brick Laying Driveway Guide

A brick driveway can add an artistic spark to your home, sprucing up its outside appearance and making for an incredible aesthetic from the street. Brick walkways and driveways have been around for centuries, and while there is an added cost and effort in laying brick over pouring concrete or asphalt, the results can be stunning.


If you are contemplating laying brick for your own driveway, we offer this guide to selecting the right kind of material, planning, preparation and installation of brick. Should you be seeking the right kind of contractor for the job, we offer some tips on finding the right fit for your project. Let’s get started!

  1. 1.Planning and Preparation

    A well-maintained driveway is a happy one. Happy cars come from happy driveways, and happy driveways come from… well… you!

    When planning out a brick driveway, it is crucial to know what you’re going to be up against in the installation and laying of brick. Driveways are supported with a thicker layer of gravel underneath – it is important to make sure your gravel support layer is even, as you will be laying bricks on top of it one by one. Concrete can be poured and molded, but bricks retain their rigid shape, and good geometry will save you down the road.


    Now that you’ve got a level surface to work with, you’ll want to select the type(s) of brick that you will want to use. Most brick dealers will have a variety of sturdy bricks ideal for driveways, including Holland pavers, Oxford pavers, Cobblestone pavers and many more. The type of brick you select is important, as it will dictacte the potential number of patterns you can create with them. Once you have your heart set on a brick, you’ll need to decide the type of pattern you want to sport under your sport utility vehicle.


    After you’ve selected your brick, it’s time to pick a pattern! Herringbone patterns are popular in driveways as they allow for greater load-bearing, distributing weight as much as possible. But don’t let the standards box you in! With different colors and types of bricks comes a myriad of possibilities for custom patterns. Go with what feels best for you, and have some fun with it!

  2. 2.Professional Bricklayers Mean Professional Results

    As great as it may be to tell someone you laid the brick for your driveway yourself, you always run the risk of a bad installation or poor construction when doing something you haven’t had a ton of experience in. And let’s be honest, unless you’re a NASCAR driver, you don’t have twelve driveways. If you’re looking to get a brick driveway installed, it’s best to approach it with a professional ace up your sleeve.


    Before you contact a contractor to install your driveway, make sure you know exactly what you want beforehand. Sketch your idea out! Let them know the specific type of brick and pattern you want, and if there are any custom designs – discuss the design in detail.


    It’s also a great idea to be present at the time of your driveway’s installation. Immediate feedback will prevent any errant flaws in the design and construction of your driveway, and when you’re there giving your feedback, you’re able to have as much control over your project as possible. Remember: the contractor wants you to be satisfied, so don’t feel bad putting in your two cents. After all, it is your driveway.


    After your brick driveway is installed, you’ll want to know how to preserve and protect it! Ask your contractor about ways to clean and perform maintenance on your driveway, and follow those instructions! A well-maintained driveway is a happy one. Happy cars come from happy driveways, and happy driveways come from… well… you!

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