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How Much Does a Cabinet Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cabinets & Countertops > How Much Does a Cabinet Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Cabinet Installation Cost?

Installing cabinets can add the finishing touch to a design theme or provide needed storage in a work environment. Careful installation of your cabinets, hardware, and trim helps ensure a lasting, beautiful finish for any room in your home.


Average Cost to Install Cabinets

The price guide below provides the typical costs associated with installing new cabinets. Prices vary depending on the extent of the job.

Average Prices

Stock and Custom Cabinets

A number of materials, finishes and door styles help characterize cabinetry, allowing you can select options that complement the features of your home. Cabinets are available from many retailers as stocked units that are ready-made and available in a number of styles. Stock cabinets can be picked up or delivered at the time of purchase, and are installed for an average price of $586. Custom cabinets can be ordered in wider variety of materials, design styles, and finishes, with cabinets build and configured to suit the exact dimensions of the installation site. Custom cabinets may require several weeks for construction and delivery, and are generally installed for about $457 across the country. Stock and custom cabinets are installed in the same manner, but the nature of special orders often simplifies the process. Precision measuring and specific sizing of custom cabinet pieces can reduce the need to install filler strips, a time-consuming process that is necessary to provide a finished look for stock cabinets.


Installing Cabinets While Remodeling

Most substantial installation projects are simplest during construction or remodeling, when work area are clear of obstacles and special precautions are not needed to protect finishes and fixtures. Installing cabinets during a remodel costs an average of $712, with pricing affected by the condition of the installation site. An installation in a finished area may require special preparation to prevent damage during the placement of cabinets or call for modifications to trim and existing finishes. Prices for installations that are not related to remodels average $823, as the project may have special circumstances for accessibility and modifications.


Kitchen Cabinet Installations

Cabinet installation in a kitchen is typically a substantial project that requires careful planning and precise placement to fit cabinets correctly to accommodate appliances and counters. Since several types and sizes of cabinets are used in kitchens with both upper and lower placement, the job generally costs between $687 and $1,218. The overall size of the kitchen, number of cabinets, and installation configuration will contribute to the time and skill needed for placement, affecting the overall cost for the project.


Installing Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinet installations provide important space in typically small areas with a variety of storage needs. Bathroom projects may range from placing a single vanity unit to fitting an elaborate custom storage arrangement. You can expect to pay from $223 to $544 for bathroom installations, with prices affected by the accessibility of the area and the overall scope of the job.


Installing Cabinets in Offices

Whether a home or commercial office, cabinets provides flexible and attractive storage options for a variety of supplies, records, and equipment. Office installations generally cost between $188 and $617, with pricing influenced by the size, location, and accessibility of the install. Special scheduling to accommodate business activities or extra time and effort for working around office furnishings or machines may affect project costs and time requirements.


Closet Cabinets

Creative planning for closet spaces can use cabinets to maximize storage and improve organization. Limited space can complicate closet installations and increase the timeline and expense of the project, which generally costs from $237 to $762. Designers experienced with closet applications can help you select cabinet styles and units that offer functionality and are efficient to install.


Installing Cabinets in Garages

Adding cabinets to a garage can provide valuable space for organizing tools and equipment or storing seasonal and recreational items. Since garages typically feature large, open spaces, installations are often uncomplicated and cost between $167 and $483. The type and size of cabinet units will determine the installation procedures and requirements that will influence pricing.


Planning for Cabinet Installations

Several factors influence the cost of installing cabinets, from its type and material to the condition and accessibility of the project site. Your designer or retailer can help you select cabinets that meet your storage needs and complement your design style, while your cabinet installer can help determine how the characteristics of your home and cabinet choices will affect the expense of installation.

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