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Carpentry Frame Repair Guide

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Carpentry Frame Repair Guide

Just as your skeleton forms the structure of your body, your home’s carpentry frame forms the structure of the building. Problems can occur with a home’s carpentry frame, whether from substandard building, age, pests or storm damage. Whatever the source of the problem, existing damage to the frame of your home can result in unsafe living conditions for your family.


When you suspect or know that your home has significant issues with the frame, don’t put off the repairs. A knowledgeable and experienced contractor can assess the problems and present you with a work plan that will resolve the damage and restore your home.

  1. 1.Assessing Framing Repairs

    It may not always be readily apparent when you have frame issues in your home. Some of the common sources of frame damage include wood decay, fungal infections, dry rot, insects, water seeping into the strcture, and storm damage. To your untrained eye, it might not even be possible for you to recognize and understand the magnitude of the issues. However, a professional can provide assistance in assessing frame repairs necessary.


    Other issues that can cause structural damage include fire, flooding, soil, and earthquake damage. Once structural damage begins, if you do not resolve it quickly it will begin to affect surrounding areas, such as foundation, floors, ceilings and siding.

  2. 2.Various Frame Repairs

    Frame repairs involve a variety of different issues. If the frame damage exists in load-bearing walls, the repair work will be more involved, expensive and complicated than interior walls needing repair. Flooring that has received moisture or water damage often needs frame repair. This type of frame damage may also involve interior or load-bearing walls located near the flooring. Leaks in the roof can result in ceiling and roof frame damage. If this damage goes unnoticed, extensive decay can make the damage much more extensive.

  3. Average Prices
  4. 3.Benefits of Framing Repairs

    Allowing frame damage to continue without resolving it can make the problems more extensive and more expensive to repair. These problems do not disappear; they expand and become more serious over time. Ignoring structural damage long enough could even necessitate complete reconstruction of your home. Leaving structure repairs undone also creates safety issues in your home because your home will not be as strong as it should be.

  6. 4.Problems Arising from Framing Issues

    If the framing issues occurred due to an ongoing issue such as an insect infestation or fungus, it will be crucial to resolve the concurrent issue before repairing the frame to prevent future damage from occurring again. Some frame repair contractors work in conjunction with experts in related fields to ensure that your framing issues resolve completely. A complete inspection by experts prior to proceeding with the frame repair can ensure that you receive thorough repairs to your home.

  8. 5.Overview of Frame Repair

    After a professional assesses the damage and you have a plan for repairs, the first step involves supporting the structure of your home to enable the work crew to repair the frame. Next, the crew will remove the damaged framing. Planning, cutting and building the replacement framing comes next and then finally, the crew will integrate the new frame into the existing frame and remove the supports.

  10. 6.Average Cost of Framing Repairs

    The cost to repair the frame of your home varies depending on the size of your home, the size of the damage, the age of your home, your geographical location and any special construction issues necessary for your home. If you have additional issues that also need remedying, such as insects, this will increase the repair costs. The low average cost for carpentry frame repair starts at $174 and the high end is $508. The average cost is $298 for frame repairs. See our Frame Repair Cost Guide to learn more.


Keep your home tight and strong by making whatever repairs are necessary to the carpentry frame. With a framing repair contractor on the job, your worries are over and you can enjoy many more years of comfort and shelter in your home.

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