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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpeting > How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?
How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Carpet cleaning is a routine maintenance task for any household that has a carpet. Day to day cleaning with a vacuum cleaner removes loose residue, and suffices between recommended bi-annual deep cleaning. When it’s time for more than the vacuum, several methods are available for deep scrubbing the fibers to remove tough dirt and grime, and each one carries a different cost. Some homeowners depend on do-it-yourself rental machines that are less expense than having a professional cleaner come in. Most carpet manufactures recommend against this practice, asserting that these machines can cause irreversible damage to the fibers.

Average Prices

Home, Apartment and Business

Homes, apartments, and businesses, each has their own unique requirements relating to how often the carpet should, or will be cleaned. Homeowners are more concerned with cleanliness than the bottom line, and take care to keep their carpets in top notch condition. Apartment managers are a little more apprehensive about spending the cash. A rental unit may go for years before the carpet gets cleaned. Often, only when tenants moves out, does the manager spend the needed costs to clean the average unit. Business owners can be quite frugal about the capital outlay for carpet cleaning or washing; sometimes holding off until employees or customers complain. On average, home costs $84, apartments cost $80 and businesses cost $166 to have their carpets cleaned.


Square Feet

Service companies would rather clean a whole house than a single room, but they are always willing do so, and generally charge between $83 and $124 for an area between 200 and 400 square feet. Smaller homes of 1000 to 1500 square feet are usually cleaned by a two man crew and will cost from $198 to $287. Larger houses in the ballpark of 2000 to 3000 square foot often require more than one crew to complete the job in a single day, and the cost of this service often runs between $402 and $537.


Number of Stains

For those that work with a carpet cleaning company on a regular basis, calling them to spot clean that clumsy spill will cost less than for those that tend to switch contractors. You will also be assured of having the job done well. The company knows they will be returning for a full cleaning, so they want to keep you happy. Depending on the size, and degree of damage, a single spot can cost from $38 to $54 to clean. A few spots could run between $114 and $157, while a slew of six ugly areas could range from $236 to $314 to get rid of.


Carpet Type

Berber and level loop carpet are the easiest to clean, and can cost an average of $87 to service than more difficult types like multilevel and random sheer carpets. Cut loop and level loop carpets fall somewhere in the middle, costing in the neighborhood of $63 and $120. Carpet material also makes a big difference in the price of washing, with natural cotton and wool carpets cost $102 to service and as they are the most difficult to clean.


Rug Cleaning Services

It is a good idea to have area rugs cleaned at the same time the carpets are done. Rugs created of man-made material are relatively easy and inexpensive to clean, with a standard size rug costing between $60 and $115. Cleaning natural wool rugs with varying colors and designs can cost much more to maintain.


Having your carpets cleaned by a professional company using the steam cleaning method, also called “hot water extraction” and “warm water extraction” will not only prolong the life of your carpet, but keep the environment healthy. Rotary machines and carbonated cleaning do little more than stir up dust mites, and damage the carpet. For persons that have asthma or allergies, steam washing is essential, and may need to be done more frequently than twice each year; especially if animals are present.

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