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How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Heating & Cooling > How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Repair Cost?
How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Repair Cost?

Ceiling fans provide an economical boost to air circulation, adding comfort to any room. Many ceiling fan issues are easily corrected by a technician, but problems with wiring may require the expertise of an electrician. The type of repair as well as the location and condition of your ceiling fan are common factors that affect the price of your repair.

Average Prices

Pull Chain Repair

Often, the pull chain or cord that extends from the fan to control fan speed and light functions may break or stop working. Repairing the pull chain or the switch it controls switch is a common repair that may require some disassembly of the fan in order to access the damaged switch and replace it. While pull chain switches are a common replacement item, the age and model of your fan may affect the price and availability of the parts. These repairs can be made with basic tools and skills, and national rates for this type of project range from $78 to $139.


Repairing a Ceiling Fan Wall Switch

Wall switches used to control the power or functions of a ceiling fan fixture are installed in the same manner as a light switch and can be serviced by an electrician. Problems with the wiring connections on your switch can be easily resolved, but issues with the wiring that leads to the fan or to the electrical panel of your home present a more challenging repair. The nature of your repair will determine the cost of the project, which typically ranges from $79 to $141. If you choose to upgrade your wall switch to one that incorporates controls for fan speed and dimmers, your choice of controls will affect the price of the parts and installation. Some models require specific wiring to control fan speed while others use a combination of standard wiring to control the fan’s power and remote controls to communicate speed settings to the fixture.


Ceiling Fan Remote Control Repairs

Fans fitted with remote controls depend on communication between a receiver in the fan unit and a handheld or wall-mounted transmitter. Whether your remote control problems lie with the receiver or the transmitter, replacement parts are generally available from the manufacturer of your fan and can be installed by a technician. Often, the most efficient solution is to install a new remote kit that includes both a receiver and transmitter. Nationally, these repairs cost $73 to $131 and depend largely on the price of replacement parts.


Repairing Home Ceiling Fans

Residential ceiling fans are constructed of consumer-grade components and materials and can be serviced by repair technicians or electricians. Most common issues can be diagnosed and repaired by your technician with economical parts that are available locally and from manufacturers. Typical repairs to ceiling fans in US homes cost between $78 and $136, varying with the cost of replacement parts, the accessibility of the fixture, and the type of contractor who performs the repair.


Ceiling Fan Repairs at Business Locations

While residential fans are often adequate in small office or retail settings, commercial and industrial-grade fans are designed to circulate air in large areas with high ceilings. These heavy-duty fans are made with strong materials and use powerful motors in order to give high performance and stand up to extended use. Because of the quality of their construction and electrical requirements, replacement parts for commercial fans may be more expensive than their residential counterparts, and electricians or certified technicians may be needed to perform repairs. With these added considerations, national prices for commercial ceiling fan repairs range from $76 to $136. Additionally, since these fixtures are often installed on very high ceilings in high-traffic areas, the difficulty of accessing the fan may contribute to repair and maintenance costs. Companies often have projects of this nature completed after regular business hours, which frequently results in higher labor prices from contractors.


Ceiling Height and Fan Repairs

An important factor in the complexity of your ceiling fan repair is the height of the ceiling on which the fan is mounted. Repairs and maintenance performed on higher ceilings often require contractors to use extra equipment or manpower, increasing the cost of your job. In the U.S., the average price for ceiling fan repairs on an 8’ high ceiling is $96, compared to $129 for a 16’ high ceiling.


Find Ceiling Fan Repair Services Near You

Whether in a commercial or residential setting, a functional ceiling fan can greatly improve air quality and comfort. Understanding common problems and accessibility issues can help you plan for your fan repair. Connect with a local ceiling fan repair professional today to help you with your project.

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