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Ceiling Fan Repair Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Heating & Cooling > Ceiling Fan Repair Guide
Ceiling Fan Repair Guide

Most modern homes are equipped with ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are great ways to create airflow in a room without racking up costs with an air conditioning unit. Proper air circulation keeps your room fresh and prevents mold from growing in corners or on walls. But every once in a while, that ceiling fan needs some attention, and in cases where your ceiling fan needs repairing, it is a good idea to think about selecting a contractor with specific knowledge of fans to do the work.

  1. 1.Troubleshooting

    Ceiling fans will often develop a mechanical problem over an electrical one. Still, it is a good idea to make sure there is no electricity running to your fan when troubleshooting the cause of the issue. Identifying a specific problem can help you save money with a contractor – and will help both you and the contractor save time in repairing the issue.


    NOTE*** Troubleshooting a fan problem can only go so far for amateurs. If you prefer, you can always skip troubleshooting on your part and hire a specialized contractor to come out and give you an estimate.


    After ensuring power to the fan is turned off, remove the cover plate in the center of the fan. More often than not, if your fan is acting strange and you don’t see any damaged or loose fins, you’ll need to inspect the inner workings of the fan.

  2. Ceiling fans are great ways to create airflow in a room without racking up costs with an air conditioning unit.
  3. 2.Different Types of Trouble

    Removing the cover plate from the fan gives you an opportunity to check the wiring and mechanics of the fan. Using a voltage meter, you can check to make sure enough juice is flowing to the fan (or if there is too much voltage).


    However, mechanical/electrical issues can be varied in nature, typically requiring professional help. Wobbly fans? They can also require professional work as many problems with super wobbly fans are the result of bad mounting or improper support.

  4. 3.The Right Kind of Help

    There are a number of contractors to look at regarding fan repair – as there are a number of different issues that can go wrong with them. Theoretically, you could call your favorite electrician for an electrical problem, or an appliance mechanic for help with the mechanical issues of your fan.


    While there are fan specialists out there, most contractors qualified to repair fans will have electrical certifications and some experience with mechanics. As a ceiling fan can fall under home appliances, electricians that have worked on homes will have an acute knowledge of the voltage required for different models of ceiling fans, and can be called to provide estimates and advice.


    Ask around your neighborhood for advice on a safe, reliable electrical contractor with specialized experience working on and in homes. People are constantly in need of work done on their homes, and there’s a good chance you’ll get a great reference from a close friend or family member who has faced a similar issue with their own fan.


    After you get a few references, do your research! Ask specific questions of the contractors. How many years experience do you have? How many fans have you repaired? Any bad experiences? Customer satisfaction? Turnaround time? The most specific you are with your questions, the more information you’ll get back – and the more confident you’ll be making your final decision.

  5. 4.Ceiling Fan Repair Service

    Make sure you schedule the work to be done during a time that works for both you and the contractor. Ceiling fan repair can take anywhere from an hour to a half day, depending on the issue. Sometimes contractors will be able to simply remove the fan, take it to their shop and repair it, then come back later and reinstall. Make sure you plan for an ideal block of time, and get an estimate of time needed by the contractor to best schedule the repair into your lifestyle.  

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