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How Much Does a Chandelier Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does a Chandelier Repair Cost?
How Much Does a Chandelier Repair Cost?

A chandelier can often be an integral part of your home's decor. Sometimes passed down through generations, they become part of a family's legacy, and may even be included in a will. Unfortunately, as time passes, chandeliers can fall into dis-repair. Switches stop working, wiring gets brittle, chandelier arms get rusty, tarnished, or broken; glass, crystal, and Tiffany chandeliers can break.

Average Prices

Chandelier Switch Replacement

Worn out switches are one the most common problems with non-working chandeliers. Sometimes the switch will work, but still needs replacing. If you have to wiggle it, or turn it off and on several times to get it to work, it's time for a new one. Fortunately, it is one of the least repairs in terms of time and money. A reputable electrician should be able to replace the broken switch within an hour's time. Typically, chandelier switch replacements range between $82 and $137.


Chandelier Wiring Problems

The nemesis of chandelier wiring is time. As years pass, the coating on wire become brittle and cracks, eventually flaking off, exposing bare wires that can short out, and create a fire hazard. When this happens, the wiring must be repaired or replaced. If your electrician determines the wire can be repaired, your cost will be held at a minimum. Although chandelier wiring problems differ from case to case, you will usually find this service to range from $83 to $183.


Chandelier Arm Repair

Accidents happen. When the accident happens to be breaking one of the arm's on your antique chandelier, it must be repaired. Whether it is,brass, wood, glass, crystal, Tiffany, or even antler, will be a determining factor in not only the method, but the time, and cost as well. Antler and wood arms might be professionally glued to make the fracture unnoticeable. For glass, crystal, and Tiffany arms, your local lighting outlet should be able to find out if a new one can be purchased. If not, have them suggest an expert you can turn to for repair. Chandelier arm repairs can repair knowledgeable service providers to repair them, and generally range between $102 and $187.


Glass Chandelier Repair

Glass chandelier repair is a task that should not be left to the butter fingered good Samaritan that just wants to help. Especially if hand blown glass globes and ornamental pieces are involved. Glass blowers are relatively rare, and acquiring their services to duplicate a hand blown globe can be costly. There are companies that specialize in the field, and offer supreme quality service. They also may be able to match those missing or damaged antique bobeches. Glass chandelier repair can require extra pair and expertise that can make them range from $93 to $206.


Crystal Chandelier Repair

Crystal chandeliers require expert care when repair is necessary. Removing chips and scratches involves grinding and polishing processes that are unique to the industry. If the proper methods are not used in these processes, more damage than good is sure to be achieved. Cleaning is another chore that requires the expertise of professional service. The proper technique of crystal chandelier cleaning is a science that the average homeowner is unaware of. Crystal chandelier repairs can often be costly, and range between $94 and $208.


Tiffany Chandelier Repair

Tiffany chandeliers often present a type of repair unique to its brand. Many of the originals created between, 1900-1932, were designed of different colored stained glass pieces that were soldered at the seams. Sometimes these pieces become loose or broken. Unless satisfactorily repaired, these prized chandeliers lose a portion of their lofty value. Well intentioned, though misguided individuals, offer do-it-yourself online articles to repair these rare works of art. They fail to consider the materials of the time, or the precision of the craft. These types of chandeliers need to be repaired with extreme care and knowledge of the product. A proper restoration of a Tiffany chandelier involves not only the right glass, but the correct solder, and method of craft as well. With a little research you are sure to find the perfect professional for the job. You will often need a special craftsman to repair a Tiffany chandelier, and this will generally cost between $226 and $702.


There is no need to despair if the original beauty of your chandelier has been absent for a while. There is an expert for every problem. A little research is all it takes to have guests admiring and envying, the work of art hanging from your ceiling.

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