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How Much Does Child Proofing a Living Space Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Living Room > How Much Does Child Proofing a Living Space Cost?
How Much Does Child Proofing a Living Space Cost?

An evaluation of your home can reveal a number of potential hazards for babies, toddlers, and young children. Whether you have specific concerns or are unsure what may be a threat, a child proofing consultant can assess your house and yard to determine what devices and precautions will help protect the safety of your children and grandchildren, and those of your guests. Professional installation of safety equipment ensures proper function with minimal impact to your home.

Average Prices

Installing Removable Gates

Fitting removable gates is a convenient way to restrict access to some areas of your home. Though tools are generally not required to install these gates, the size, style, location, and number of gates placed in your home may affect the cost of installation, which ranges from $118 to $203.


Protection from Blind Cords

Loose cords from window and door blinds pose a serious danger to young children and should be kept out of their reach at all times. Blind cord wind-ups are installed over existing lines or cords to keep them neat and inaccessible, while still allowing convenient operation of blinds. Depending on the model and number of winders installed, installation may cost between $147 and $284.


Fitting Corner Cushions

The hard edges and sharp corners of counters, tables, desks, and other furnishings can be covered with cushioning material to protect children from injuries. The amount and type of corner cushions recommended for your home may vary with the style and height of your furniture, with installation rates ranging from $128 to $213.


Installing Outlet Covers

Outlet covers provide protection from electrocution by restricting access to receptacles. Styles range from plastic plugs that block outlets, to attached covers that slide or lock to prevent access and models with adjustable cord to prevent tripping and tangling. Since the ease of installation varies, with some models requiring the use of tools and others attaching directly to outlets and plates, you can expect service rates to range from $104 and $177.


Safety Latches and Locks

Installing safety latches and locks can restrict access to fixtures, appliances, cabinets, and entire rooms. Models may range from plastic clips and magnetic latches to doorknob covers and cable locks, with the complexity of installation varying with the application and devices used. Installing door safety latches typically costs about $144, compared to $169 for drawer latches and $87 for toilet lid locks.


Alarm Systems

In some applications, audible alarms can prevent emergencies by alerting adults when a child accesses a restricted or dangerous area. Swimming pool alarms sound when water has been disturbed, with models that include floating devices, sensors that attach to the side of a pool, and transmitter systems that sound alarms both at the pool and remotely. The difficulty of mounting a pool alarm will vary with its style, but installation should cost between $188 and $247. Alarms designed to sound when a door or gate is opened provide notification that a child may have left a building or yard, and are also available in a range of models and styles. Depending on the features of your device and the complexity of installation, fitting a gate alarm may cost from $114 to $236.


Supplying Devices and Materials

Child proofing devices and materials are readily available from national retailers, but professional consultants often use, supply, or recommend specific brands and models that they have confidence in and can install efficiently, according to manufacturer’s specification. When supplies are provided by a homeowner, installation rates average $418, compared to $837 for a complete installation with materials supplied by the installer.


Planning for Child Proofing Services

After analyzing potential risks in your home, a child-proofing installer can properly install a wide variety of devices to help reduce accidents and injuries. Whether you plan for and provide your own materials or leave the entire project in the hands of a professional, improving child safety at your home can offer both protection and peace of mind.

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