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The Christmas Story on Holiday Lights

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Seasonal > The Christmas Story on Holiday Lights
The Christmas Story on Holiday Lights

There are certain things that are must-haves for the holiday season. You’ve got to have gifts, you’ve got to have good food and most of all, you have to have festive decorations. Lots of people don’t just decorate the inside of their home, either. Lots of people choose to decorate the outside of their home with beautiful and festive holiday lights. However, there is a certain protocol you have to follow when it comes to decorating with lights. You don’t want to annoy your neighbors and you certainly don’t want to make your home look bad.


We at Redbeacon – helpful folks that we are – are here to guide you through the do’s and don’ts of Holiday lights. Don’t be a Scrooge, read on for some informative and helpful tips.

  1. 1. How soon is too soon?

    Everyone likes the holidays, so it is easy to want to rush them here. However, don’t jump the gun on putting up your holiday lights. Too soon, and your carefully thought out home holiday décor just looks a little out of place. Lots of people use Black Friday as the day to begin putting up their holiday lights. The hectic day-after-Thanksgiving shopping day seems to signal the start of the holiday season for many Americans. You may also want to chat with your neighbors to see when they plan on putting up their lights.

  2. 2. Finding a balance

    There is a such thing as too much of a good thing. You may love the twinkle and sparkle of holiday lights, but that is no reason to overload your home with them. Not only do you run the risk of making your home look like the tackiest home on the block, you could make your electricity bill go sky-high. To avoid going overboard with your holiday lights, try drawing a basic sketch of your home and coming up with a lighting plan that will compliment your home.

  3. 3. The daily routine

    Once your lights are up, they become part of your daily home care routine. Among the things you will have to tend to is the job of turning your lights off and on. Decide on a reasonable time that you will do this every day. To make your job easier, you can set a reminder on your cell phone. Or, you can put your lights on a timer and let that do the work for you. You should also check your lights daily to see if any have gone out and need replacing.

  4. 4. Lights out on the holiday season

    Don’t be the neighbor who still has a smiling, waving Santa in their yard in July. It’s not a good look. Figure out a reasonable time to take your lights down once the holiday season is over. Some people use New Years’ day or the day after as a good signal to take down their lights. This is another time where it might be a good idea to chat with your neighbors about when they plan on taking theirs down so you can all be on the same wavelength.

  5. 5. Get your holiday lights installed with Redbeacon

    Get your holiday lights installed with Redbeacon: With a little sweat and planning, you would probably do a pretty good job at putting up your holiday lights. However, with just a phone call and without having to break a sweat, you could have a great holiday lights display. With the right pro, however, you are guaranteed a great-looking light display. This is a really good idea for people who entertain a lot over the holidays. Find yourself a great professional by using Redbeacon. Redbeacon is like having the inside track on all the great pros in your area because we partner up with only the best. Simply log on, write a brief description of what you want, and you’ll get reasonable quotes sent right to your inbox. It’s really that simple.

  6. Your holiday lights don’t have to be a hassle. Find the best pro to help transform your home into a sparkling winter wonderland.

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