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Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > Closet Organization Tips and Tricks
Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

There are many ways you can use tips and tricks to make your closets hold more. Not only do you want to be able to fit more in your closet, you want it to be organized. You need to have an easy way to put your things away. This makes all the difference when it comes to keeping your things put away. Having a place for everything tends to make clutter disappear.

  1. You can organize your clothes by season and limit the amount of space you have to use in the bedroom for clothing.

    1.Make a Double Hanging Area

    Double hanging areas are often one of the first things added for closet organization. It gives you more space and tends to keep your clothes from being squeezed into an area that is too small. For pants, skirts and shirts you do not need the full length and double hanging gives you much more room.

  2. 2.Baskets for Wasted Space

    There are often shelves or spaces that are too small to really put things. You also don’t want to just place items, so adding small baskets can be a great way to use this limited empty space. The baskets can be labeled and grouped according to like pieces. It can be more effective than a “junk drawer” and you can have multiple baskets to make it more specific.

  3. 3.Shelves for Folded Clothing

    Adding shelves can also be helpful. Bulky items often don’t fit very well in drawers but work better on shelves. You can organize your clothes by season and limit the amount of space you have to use in the bedroom for clothing.

  5. 4.Make Sure You and Children can Reach

    If you are working with your kid’s closet, make sure they can reach the things they use often. If you want stuff to get put away, they need to be able to easily reach in order to do it. In addition, this keeps you from having to always come to their aid when they need things. You can use the high space for storage of old toys, clothes or things the children don’t need regularly. Add a step stool in the corner for yourself, so it is easy for you to get to the “tall” areas, it encourages you to put things back where they belong.

  6. 5.Put a Dresser in the Closet

    If you don’t want to add shelves to your closet and you are trying to make more space in your room, putting a dresser in the closet can be very helpful. It makes the hanging space a place for shirts and it creates a shelf all at the same time. This eliminates the need to drill holes or buy pieces and still gives you a more organized and effective use of space.


    Organizing your closet is all about practicality. You need to make it easy to get to the things you use often. You need to make sure there is room for everything. Additions like shoe racks and other storage areas are always helpful. Consider the things you own and what makes the most sense. It makes all the difference when organizing your closet; it is all about you.

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