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Complete Backyard Pool Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Pool and Hot Tub > Complete Backyard Pool Guide
Complete Backyard Pool Guide

You’re thinking, once I put in my very own backyard pool I will have my own slice of paradise. Don’t go planting any apple trees or prancing around with an elephant leaf to hide your privates just yet. You’ve got some planning to do first.

    What if the pool springs a leak? How will you handle things if a major storm delivers a fist-full of damage to the new recreation area?
  1. 1.Considerations

    Based on the size of the area where you’ll locate the pool, get out a nice, long tape-measure and begin to write down a couple of dimensions – width and length. Are you going for an above-ground model? Most are round but there are a few large rectangular ones you can consider. Permanent below-ground-level shapes are between you and your builder. They usually have architects on staff to work with any design (within reason) that your little heart desires.

  2. 2.Dimensions

    On the flip side, fear of color also makes a home look as though there is no design. Staying away from all color gives it a lack of cohesive feel to the home and makes things feel quite sterile. This is a bad interior design idea.

  3. 3.Special Features

    Mostly delegated to in-ground pools; fountains, waterfalls, coves and spas kick everything into the stratosphere. These structures will raise the cost of your final dream, but the expense will be off-set by adding value to your home. Not only that, waterfalls are cool!

  5. 4.Practical Matters

    Once in place, you’re going to need to be able to filter impurities from the water. Your contractor will be able to explain the differences between cartridge filters, diatomaceous earth (DE) filters and sand filters.


    There are all types of surfaces you can employ to your in-ground “cement pond.” As for the pools that sit on the surface, the choice narrows to plastic and plastic.

  6. 5.Insurance

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission notes that nearly 45-hundred kids, 5-years old and younger took a trip to their local emergency rooms for pool or spa incidents in 2010. And nearly all of these children were playing near one or both parents when the incident occurred.


    Your liability risk for your home will increase. You probably want to up your standard $100,000 of liability protection to something in the range of $300,000 or $500,000.


    Something else you’ll want to ask about is getting a personal excess liability policy. The premium for this usually runs around $200 a year and it gives you $1 million of liability protection over-and-above what you already have on your house. Another benefit of this coverage is that it not only protects you as it relates to your pool, it also gives you increased liability protection when you’re dry and driving.


    Expect the unexpected with your new purchase. What if the pool springs a leak? How will you handle things if a major storm delivers a fist-full of damage to the new recreation area? You want to have all of this taken care of before the worst hits. In other words, ask about a policy that will cover you for replacement costs and repair.


    There are other bases to be covered, but if you bring-in the help of a contractor, they should help you wade through virtually any pool questions you may have.

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