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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garage Door?

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garage Door?

On this page:

  1. Estimating the Cost of Garage Door Installations
  2. Why Should I Hire a Pro to Install Garage Doors?
  3. The Basics of Pricing a Garage Door Installation
  4. What Variables Will Affect the Cost of My Installation?
  5. Planning for Your Garage Door Installation
  6. Cost Comparisons
  7. Level of Difficulty

Installing garage doors is a job that typically requires a few hours, standard tools, and a fair amount of muscle. A proper installation is essential to ensure that your garage door operates correctly and safely, and provides protection for your garage from the elements. There are a number of details that can affect the cost of having a professional install garage doors, so while you are planning for the job, take the time to find out how the features of your project may contribute to the garage door installation cost.

    garage door installation price

Estimating the Cost of Garage Door Installations

How Do Pros Price the Work?

A few types of professionals commonly install garage doors, from specialized installers to general and remodeling contractors and handymen. The type of pro you choose could affect the cost of labor and how the price is presented to you, but the overall price comes down to the cost of the doors and related equipment you choose and the time, skill, and manpower it takes to properly install them. Experts who do this type of work every day can often quote a price up front and get the job done faster than other pros, who may need to estimate the job and bill you according to the time actually spent on the installation.

What Do They Need to Know?

In order to provide you an accurate price to install new garage doors, pros will need to know the dimensions, type, and material for the doors, as well as whether openers will be added and if you will be supplying the materials yourself or need to have the installer order and deliver the doors of your choice. In order to get all the relevant details and give you a precise estimate, most contractors or installers will make a site visit to take some measurements, verify your preferences, and determine what preparation or repairs may be necessary before the doors can be put in place.

Why Should I Hire a Pro to Install Garage Doors?

Safety First

Garage doors can be difficult to maneuver and install safely, because of their size as well as the springs used to assist in opening and closing them. Mishandling or improper installation of the door, springs, cables, or tracks can be dangerous, so leaving the job in the hands of an experienced and insured professional minimizes your risk of injury and property damage during installation.

Protect Your Investments

As with many building products, the warranty on your garage door or opener system may be contingent on correct installation. Hiring a qualified contractor or technician to do the work will help ensure you have recourse in the event of a product failure. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, your installer should provide a warranty on their workmanship, so you should be covered from all angles for at least several months after the installation.

Spare Parts?

No one likes to make mistakes, but doing the job right is essential when you’re dealing with a heavy door that has the potential to cause serious damage and injury if it doesn’t operate correctly. If you have the skills to do the job and a friend to help you with the heavy lifting you may be able to save the cost of labor. But, if you’re the type that usually ends up with a few leftover nuts and bolts after an assembly project, you may be better off making the investment in a professional installation.

The Basics of Pricing a Garage Door Installation

The Door

The door itself is often the most significant factor in the cost of the job, since both labor and materials expenses are affected by the size, weight, type, and material of the door(s). The larger, heavier, or more difficult to assemble the door system is, the more time and effort the job will take. The type of door you choose can influence the bottom line as well; since sectional roll-up and tilt-up doors are the most common, it typically costs less to install them than swinging or sliding doors. There is an enormous price range for garage doors, from as low as $200 or so for a basic, non-insulated single-car steel door to several thousand dollars for a custom wood door.

The Installation Site

The condition of the openings that are awaiting new garage doors may also have some influence on the difficulty and cost of the installation. If your doors will replace existing doors, the time needed to remove and dispose of the old materials will increase the overall price for the work. Any repairs or modifications required can also add to the tab, so in most cases it is more expensive to replace garage doors than to install them in a new construction setting.

What Variables Will Affect the Cost of My Installation?

Door Details

The number, size, type, and material of the garage doors needed for your project are the first item to consider for the job. Details like whether or not the doors are insulated or have windows are significant, as well as whether special track systems are needed to accommodate an unusually high or low garage ceiling. And, if you choose wood doors, sealing or painting them to protect the material will carry an added expense. The size of each door is important too. The cost of a door goes up with its size, of course, but if the dimensions do not fit the standard seven foot height or common widths, you may pay a premium to get custom or special order doors that fit the existing openings.


Although automatic garage door openers are considered standard equipment in many places, the openers are a separate product and installation process from the doors. It is generally more cost effective to have an opener installed at the same time as the door, but doing so typically adds $250 to $500 to the cost of each door. If there is not an electrical outlet in the location of the opener, it could cost an additional $150 to $400 per door to bring in an electrician to run the needed wiring.

Planning for Your Garage Door Installation

Choose Wisely

Garage doors can be a pretty substantial investment, so be sure to select doors that will be durable and long-lasting. Consider the climate and weather where you live and the effect that may have on maintenance, as well as whether or not it makes sense to spring for insulation and windows or just stick with a basic door. If your garage is a prominent feature of your home, the doors may be a significant design feature that can make or break the curb appeal of the house.

Think Ahead

It’s always best to buy the highest-quality materials you can afford, but if your budget can’t swing both a high-quality door and opener, consider adding the opener later in order to afford a better door up front. That door is your garage’s first line of defense against the elements and even intruders, while the opener is a convenience item you may be able to wait for. Similarly, if you need to have power run for the opener you may be able to save on the cost of an electrician’s time by combining the job with other related projects you need to have done.

Shop Around

Since there are a number of places to buy garage doors and various pros who can perform the installation for you, be sure to do some comparison shopping to make sure you get the best products and service you can. Be sure each installer prices equivalent products and services, especially if the job isn’t a straightforward and predictable installation. Keep in mind that it can be very expensive to modify an opening to suit a different size door, so if you have a standard opening, try to stick with a standard door. On the other hand, if you have a non-standard opening, it could make more sense to change the opening to suit a more affordable door. Carefully compare estimates or bids for any repairs or modifications so you can choose the method, contractor, and price you are most comfortable with.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$450 - $800 $2,400 - $7,500 $4,100 – $12,000

There is a wide range of variables that can affect the cost of installing a garage door. Though you will need to talk with local installers to find out how the details of your project will affect the cost, these examples may help you plan for some of the factors involved.

Just In and Out: $450 - $800

  • • Door Size and Features: A single standard 7’x8’ non-insulated steel door comes at a bargain price tag of around $300 to $500, keeping material costs low.
  • • Installation Site: In this example, a new construction setting makes installing a garage door a straightforward process. The simplicity of the job brings labor costs of $150 to $300.
  • • Opener: Opting for opening and closing the door manually eliminates the need for an opener, and the related expense.

Upgrades for Two: $2,400 - $7,500

  • • Door Size and Features: In this example, two larger 8’ x 9’ insulated steel doors with windows brings the materials budget up to $1,400 to $5,000.
  • • Installation Site: Removing and disposing of two existing doors adds $100 to $400 to the budget, but no modifications are needed to the opening so labor charges remain reasonable.
  • • Opener: Adding a new opener for each door requires an additional $400 to $800 in the budget.

Overhauling an Opening: $4,100 - $12,000

  • • Door Size and Features: A custom, insulated 7’x16’ steel door with specialized architectural details sets this project apart as more than just a utilitarian opening. The upgrades materials call for a budget of $2,500 to $8,000.
  • • Installation Site: Creating a new look for this garage involves removing two single-car doors and reframing the opening to accommodate a new, single door. The added engineering and effort bring labor and related material costs to over $2,000.
  • • Opener: A high-quality opener tops off this project, adding $600 to the bottom line.

Level of Difficulty

Installing a garage door requires assembly and construction skills, as well adequate manpower to handle working overhead and with heavy doors or panels. The job is technically appropriate for intermediate to advanced do-it-yourselfers, but since working with door springs carries a high level of risk, it’s often best to leave the job to a pro. If you aren’t comfortable taking the job on yourself, you may still be able to save on the expense of the project by ordering and picking up the door yourself or performing some prep, disposal, and finish work on your own. If your installation is a replacement job, you may even be able to recoup some of your costs by reselling your old garage door and opener if they are in serviceable condition.

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