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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Stove?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Stove?
How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Stove?

On this page:

  1. Estimating the Cost of a Stove Repair
  2. Benefits of Professional Stove Repair
  3. Factors Affecting the Cost of Stove Repair
  4. What’s Involved with Stove Repair?
  5. Getting Ready for the Repair
  6. Cost Comparisons
  7. Level of Difficulty
  8. Find a Pro

Among the advantages of contemporary stove and oven technology are more accurate temperature control, more efficient heat distribution, and a cleaner cooking environment. All these advantages contribute to a better experience in the kitchen. Technological advances tend to create complexities, however, and problems are seldom easy for the average homeowner to fix. Stove repair is a job that usually requires professional expertise and -- more often than not -- replacement parts.

  Stove Repair Cost

Estimating the Cost of a Stove Repair

Service Fee

A repair technician may be able to diagnose and repair a stove malfunction in a short time, but even if the job takes only 5 minutes, you’ll be charged a flat fee for the first hour. This fee -- which doesn’t include replacement parts -- pays for the time it takes for the tech to come to your house. Service fees are typically in the neighborhood of $100 to $150, and are sometimes higher if extensive travel is involved.


Hourly Rates

Some repairs require electrical testing and disassembly, and the time required for this -- over and above the first hour -- is billed at a typical rate of $75 per hour. This rate may be a little higher in some metropolitan areas or if you specifically require service from your stove manufacturer and not a general appliance pro.


Replacement Parts

When the repair requires new parts, the cost of the parts has to be added to the repair bill. Although it may be difficult to predict when a new part will be needed, it’s sometimes obvious, and it’s usually possible to look up the price of the part online before the repair pro arrives. Replacement parts can cost as little as $10 for a new handle bracket and as much as $200 for a new control panel.


Benefits of Professional Stove Repair

You Save Money

Unless your stove is outdated or severely damaged by corrosion, lack of maintenance, or poor cooking practices, it’s usually less expensive to repair it than it is to replace it.

Average Prices

Your Home is Safer

A damaged stove or oven can be a fire hazard, and it can also cause injury or ruin your food. For example, a loose connection in a burner element or a malfunction in the control panel may cause the burner to unexpectedly switch off and on. Someone unused to this idiosyncrasy could burn a finger or overcook a delicate sauté. Malfunctions in the oven vents when the oven is self cleaning can release harmful gases throughout the house. Timely repair averts injury while ensuring tasty meals.


Your Stove Lasts Longer

If you love your stove, you want it to last as long as possible, and it will with the proper care. While you can do many routine cleaning and maintenance tasks yourself, there’s no substitute for quality repairs done by a seasoned pro when something goes wrong.


Pros Do It Right

Besides having the expertise to diagnose problems with complicated electronics, pros also understand the proper functioning of the 240-volt electrical circuitry and gas connections in a modern stove. They can safely handle malfunctions in gas stoves that result in the blockage of gas flow or the release of gas into the kitchen as well as the high-voltage electrical connections that are dangerous for a novice to service.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Stove Repair

Electric or Gas

Gas and electric stoves malfunction for different reasons. Electric burners that utilize 240-volt power to generate resistive heat can burn out. Malfunctions in induction cooktops can sometimes be traced to faulty capacitors, which are inexpensive and easy to replace. Gas stove malfunctions can often be corrected by a thorough cleaning of the gas burners and valves. When parts wear out or break, though, they have to be replaced, no matter what fuel source the stove uses.



Many repairs require access to the back of the stove, and that’s not always easy. If the stove is built in, and the connecting wires or gas hoses are short, a repair pro may have to spend extra time disconnecting the stove. Putting the stove back into position also takes longer. Time is money, and the extra effort usually translates to a higher bill.


Specialty Models and Parts

When it comes to replacement parts, stoves are like cars. The parts for off-brand models can be difficult to find and expensive. Moreover, when parts have to be special-ordered, you often have to wait several days -- or even weeks -- for them to arrive. Parts for brand-name stoves, on the other hand, are often available online at a discount and take only two or three days to arrive.


What’s Involved with Stove Repair?


When a repair pro arrives at your house, the first order of business is to figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes, it’s obvious -- a burner may be partially melted or a door lock may be stuck. In other cases, though, it may be more complicated and time-consuming. It could take a series of electrical tests or disassembly of a portion of the stove to get to the root of the problem.


Disassembly and Cleaning

Once the problem has been isolated to a particular part, that part has to be cleaned or replaced. It may be more expedient for the technician to transport the stove to the shop to disassemble it and replace or clean the parts, but sometimes the entire procedure takes place in your kitchen.


Part Replacement

It may be obvious from the outset that your stove needs a new part, and if so, the pro will order it before proceeding with the repair. In some cases, though, some disassembly is needed to find out whether certain parts are broken or not. When this is true, the stove may remain partially disassembled for a few days until the pro can get the part and come back to complete the repair.


Infrastructure Repair

It may happen that the failure of the stove is due to a problem with the electric or gas system in your house. Appliance pros don’t always make those repairs -- you may have to pay extra for an electrician or plumber.


Getting Ready for the Repair

Make Sure Someone Is Home

The repair will proceed more quickly if you can be home while the technician is there. That way, you’ll be able to approve the purchase of any required parts and authorize any future service calls needed to complete the job. Keep in mind that service technicians can’t even schedule a visit unless someone is home.

Be Ready to Describe the Problem

Diagnosis can proceed more quickly if the repair technician knows exactly what’s wrong, and any information you can supply helps. For example, if any of the burners aren’t working, specify which ones they are and what happens you turn them on. If the controls stopped working, try to remember what was happening when they failed. Details that may seem unimportant could be clues that lead to a speedy resolution.


Clean Up

You don’t have to mop the floor or wash the walls, but it’s important to make sure that the counters are clean and there is no clutter around the stove. Put the pots and pans away -- don’t leave them on the burners. If you’re having problem with the over burners, be sure to clean out the oven to make it easier to work inside it.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$10 - $150 $125 - $700 $500 - $2,300

Typical parts and labor costs for repairing a gas or electric stove/oven unit.

Low: $10 - $150

  • • Labor: Most homeowners can repair simple problems -- such as a broken handle or stuck door -- and avoid labor charges.
  • • Parts: Simple parts for most name-brand stove/oven units are usually inexpensive. Off-brand parts may cost a bit more, and shipping charges may apply.
  • • Special Considerations: Some repairs involve cleaning with specialty cleaning products that add to the cost.

Average: $125 - $700

  • • Labor: Most service pros charge a minimum service fee of $125 to $150. Moderately difficult repairs may require one or two hours of extra time, billed at a typical rate of $50 to $75 an hour.
  • • Parts: Even if the control panel needs to be replaced, the cost for name-brand parts rarely exceeds $300.
  • • Special Considerations: A relatively simple repair may turn into a more costly one if the stove is difficult to access.

High: $500 - $2,300

  • • Labor: Labor for repairs that require extensive disassembly or transportation of the unit to the shop can be expensive. When extensive labor is required, though, many appliance pros will waive the initial service fee.
  • • Parts: Some repairs require more than one replacement part.
  • • Special Considerations: Off-brand stove units can be especially expensive because of the difficulty of finding parts. When the repair exceeds the cost of a new stove, replacement is usually a better option than repair.

Level of Difficulty

A homeowner may be able to handle simple repairs, and a competent handyman can often diagnose and repair simple electrical problems and replace broken internal parts. When it comes to gas leaks, electronic malfunctions and more complicated electrical malfunctions, it’s time to call a pro. Appliance technicians are licensed to handle gas fittings and complex electrical circuitry and can guarantee their work. This gives you the assurance of safety and reliability.


Stove Repair Services

If your stove is on the blink, it’s easy to find a stove repair pro to fix it, and in most cases, you can get the problem corrected in just a few hours. Service technicians are equipped to handle most problems quickly, and when the job requires a replacement part they know the fastest way to get it.

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