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Cost & Utility Benefits of Roof Insulation

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Insulation > Cost & Utility Benefits of Roof Insulation
Cost & Utility Benefits of Roof Insulation

A well-insulated roof can translate directly into a more comfortable home and less expensive heating and cooling costs. Because the sun beats down on your roof regularly, heating your roofing materials, it’s common for this warmth to absorb through the roof into your attic. Effective roof insulation can prevent heat from traveling through your roof.


Explore the cost and utility benefits of roof insulation and then make sure your roof has an adequate layer of insulation beneath the shingles.

  1. 1.Insulation Purpose

    Insulation stops all heat from moving through it, whether the heat is on the inside of your home or the outside of your home.

    Although it’s common to connect insulation with winterizing your home and keeping your home warmer, insulation is important for year-round comfort. Insulation stops all heat from moving through it, whether the heat is on the inside of your home or the outside of your home. This means that in the winter, insulation will stop heat from escaping and in the summer, insulation will stop heat from entering into your home.

  2. 2.Attributes of a Cool Roof

    It’s common for roofs to be a dark color. In fact, according to the State of Michigan website, more than 90 percent of roofs in the U.S. have a dark color. Because dark roofs absorb rather than deflect heat, it’s not unusual for the surface temperature of a roof to reach up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. By contrast, a cool roof made with smooth and light-colored materials will reflect the heat and stay about 70 degrees Fahrenheit cooler during the summer heat.


    Even if you’re not considering replacing your roof with a lighter color material, you can still get effective cooling benefits by adding a layer of insulation under your roofing materials. When you have adequate insulation under your roof, you stop the baking rays of the sun and the extreme temperatures that build up over your roof from absorbing down through the roof and into your home.

  3. 3.Roof Insulation Options

    Wood Fiber: Wood particles, fillers and binders mix together to create flat sheets of insulation. The insulation sheets generally have an outer coating to make the insulation moisture resistant.


    Perlite: Perlite particles may combine with concrete to make a concrete product that has insulating properties.


    Polyisocyanurate: Foam particles with one of the highest R-values available for roof insulation.


    Composite: Sheet insulation with several layers laminated together for insulation.


    Sprayed Polyurethane Foam: Sprayed into cracks and crevices in a liquid form. The insulation hardens as it dries.

  5. 4.Adding Insulation

    When adding insulation under a new roofing layer, vents are necessary on the roof sheathing to create at least a 2-inch air space between the roof sheathing and the top surface of the insulation. Next, add a vapor barrier and then add the insulation without compressing it during the installation process.


    Although adding a layer of insulation under your roof takes extra effort and expense, the benefits should outweigh your efforts when you see your reduced heating and cooling bills.

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