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Creative Flooring Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Flooring > Creative Flooring Ideas
Creative Flooring Ideas

Most often, the type of flooring you use is dictated by the room that you’re considering. If you’re thinking about a bathroom or an area that regularly gets wet, tile is ideal but vinyl will work just as well. But you want something different on your floor, something that will stand up to almost any type of punishment.

  1. 1.Make It Personal

    It’s been said “we are what we eat,” but because of many creative engineers we can now be known by the floor which we walk on. Flat, everyday concrete is more practical than pretty. It can be transformed from a cold, hard surface to a warm, artistic space. Using wood-colored stains or paint you can transform an uninviting concrete space into a detailed “floor mural.” Imagine another look, this one mosaic-like, applied with the help of pre-cut stencils.

  2. 2.Intelligent Carpets

    It’s called an intelligent carpet. This material can tell the weight, age and sex of anyone who walks on the substance.

    It’s called an intelligent carpet. This material can tell the weight, age and sex of anyone who walks on the substance. Developed nearly a decade ago at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, its engineers used a layer of silicone rubber and built-in electrodes that can detect current flow and electrical resistance when you walk across this so-called smart carpet.


    The tests have shown it has a pretty good record telling a person’s age and sex, too. Like up in the 70% accuracy range.

  3. 3.Design Your Own

    Back in 2006, a designer named Olle Hemmendorff covered his wood floors with white plastic. That was just as boring to him as the old wood floors he was hiding, so he took a thick, black magic marker and drew his floor.


    On his website, he writes, “I don’t need something to last for 10 years, if it looks good for one year and is easy to remove it’s way better! And it’s cheap too.” An advance warning: unless you have an artistic side (or know someone else who does), this might not be something that you want to tackle. But as Ollie said, “It’s like paint that you can tear up as many times as you wish.”

  4. 4.Modular Flooring

    Larideck has a product that works in virtually any room. These modular tiles are especially suited for outdoor use; however it can be repurposed for interior flooring. The floor tiles are a snap to install and remove. They are made of cardboard sandwich paneled tiles which are then covered with medium-density fiberboard or MDF, finally layered with a wood veneer. This type of modular flooring also gets high-marks for its soundproofing ability.

  5. 5.LightFader Interactive Illuminated Flooring

    Sold by a company called TAL, Technical Architectural Lighting, this creative solution is perfect for people who want a floor that changes all-the-time. When you walk on this interactive covering, your footprints are captured and remain in light on the surface. The effect lasts about a minute. It works like a pressure switch. Your footprints shape the fluid inside the device, lighting-up the area you just walked across.


    These are just five creative flooring ideas. Hopefully this will help you if you’re thinking about practical, thought-provoking and conversation-starting materials which lie right below your feet. There are many more examples you can discover by talking to an interior designer.

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