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How Much Does a Custom Mural Painting Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > How Much Does a Custom Mural Painting Cost?
How Much Does a Custom Mural Painting Cost?

Showcasing a custom mural in your home makes a strong creative statement that reflects your taste and style. Whether whimsical, modern, scenic, or abstract, a professional artist can transform a mundane wall into a work of art. The location, size and type of surface for your mural will contribute to its price, as will the nature and complexity of the subject and the medium and techniques used to create it.

Average Prices

Mural Size

Custom murals may cover a portion of one wall or completely occupy several adjacent surfaces. An important factor in pricing a mural is the size of the work. Nationally, prices for custom murals average $262 for a 4’x4’ piece, $537 for 8’x8’, $816 for 12’x12’, and $1877 for an entire room. Some mural artists’ fees are based on square footage alone, while others may charge by the hour. Working on or around obstacles such as doors, windows, and fixtures may influence the price of your mural.


Location of Your Mural

The location of your mural contributes to its price, since factors like accessibility and weather affect the artist’s working conditions. The average price for an indoor mural is $602, compared to $913 for one outside your home. If extensive staging or scaffolding is required, or if the location is especially cramped or compact, additional charges may apply to compensate for difficult access. Similarly, adverse weather conditions may slow progress on your mural or require special equipment and shelter, adding to the cost of the project.


Mural Types

Options for mural designs are limited only by your imagination and range from decorative stencil accents to faux wall finishes and completely original works of art. The nature and medium of your mural contribute to its cost, since the originality and complexity of the piece help determine the demands on your artist. In the U.S., the price for a fresco mural averages $977 compared to a decorative work at $644, a stenciled area for $432 and a crackled or distressed wall finish for $506.


Painting Surface

In addition to the location of your mural, the surface and condition of the wall it is applied to contribute to the overall cost of your project. Painting a mural on a cement wall costs an average of $718 nationally, whereas the price for applying a mural to wood averages $637, $644 for a metal surface, $764 for concrete, $707 for stucco, and $654 for a work on drywall. Regardless of the type of surface, the condition of the wall is an important consideration for pricing your mural. If the wall is in poor condition, extensive prep work may be required, adding to the cost of the project. Be sure to have your artist asses the site in advance to determine what work is necessary and if he or she will perform or arrange for needed repairs. Preparatory work ranges from cleaning and sanding to patching and priming the wall surface. Repairs to damaged walls may require the services of a contractor and add to the total costs of the mural installation.


Planning for Your Custom Painted Mural

While many factors contribute to the price of your mural, planning and preparation can make nearly any surface the canvas for a custom work of art. As you discuss the creative options for your mural with an artist, be sure to address the implications of the location and condition of the surface where you intend to display the work. The artist can help determine what, if any, special repairs or work will be necessary and if you will need to hire a contractor to get the wall into the proper condition. Understanding the state of the site and how the size, type and location of your mural affect its price will help you prepare for your custom mural.

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