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Custom Toilet Seat Installation and Benefits

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Custom Toilet Seat Installation and Benefits
Custom Toilet Seat Installation and Benefits

It might not seem like a big problem, but custom toilet seat installation and benefits become noticeable when you consider the average person spends three years on the toilet over their lifetime. All those little sits add up to extensive time and it is worth having a place that is comfortable for you and can add value to your bathroom.

  1. Custom toilet seats can be much more comfortable than a standard toilet seat.

    1.Added Comfort

    Custom toilet seats can be much more comfortable than a standard toilet seat. While this might not seem like a big deal, as you get older or if you deal with children or the elderly it can be a very big deal. The comfort of the seat and the strength of the connections can really matter. While falls are not entirely common, you don’t want a bad toilet seat to be the reason you fall on the floor or worse yet, in the water.

  2. 2.Easier to Use for Some

    There are all sorts of custom toilet seats meant for easier use. Depending on your capabilities, the ability to more easily put the toilet seat up and down can be helpful in a house full of boys. Soft seats can be easier for those who have sensitive derrieres. A more solid seat can be helpful for those who might be curvier than others. The right sized seat can make it easier for everyone and some seats even come with a built in size change for children.

  3. 3.Ensure that the Measurements Work

    Before you install a custom toilet seat you need to ensure the measurements work. There are different shapes for the bowls as well as various attachment configurations. Because of this, you need to ensure the seat you pick out works with the toilet you have.

  5. 4.Double Check Your Connection Options

    If you have had trouble with the connections on your toilet before you might want to look into replacing them. This type of installation requires a bit more work but can make the seat more secure. Often you might need to put Teflon or other connecting goo on the screws in order to fix problems with the porcelain. This can happen over time and making sure the seat is secure is quite important.


    Installing a custom toilet seat is usually fairly easy. It can be something you want for comfort or you could just be doing it for decorative purposes. No matter what your reason for choosing a custom seat, you should take the time to make sure it works with your toilet and ensure that it is installed correctly to preserve the life of your toilet.

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