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Designing with Emerald, the 2013 Color of the Year

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > Designing with Emerald, the 2013 Color of the Year
Designing with Emerald, the 2013 Color of the Year

There’s nothing like refreshing and updating your interior décor with new colors. Not only does redecorating increase the value of your home, it also helps you enjoy your home more as you spend time in your rooms. Take a new look around your interior with a bright new color on your palette – emerald. Every year, Pantone announces a color of the year. For 2013, you guessed it – emerald it is!


If you’re undecided about the benefits of interior decorating, the University of Kentucky encourages making changes in your home décor as a way to boost your satisfaction and happiness in your home. Redecorating doesn’t even need to carry with it a large price tag – there are many improvements you can make on a limited budget. With a can of emerald green paint and a paintbrush in hand, you can transform a room beautifully and inexpensively.


Try designing with emerald – the 2013 color of the year. You may be surprised at the bold impact this bright color can make on your home and in your life.

  1. 1.The Psychological Effects

    Synonymous with luxury, virtually any room that features emerald accessories feels elegant and posh. Somehow, the shade of emerald carries with it a distinct feeling of fresh and clean. The effect of adding emerald touches throughout a room can instantly create a clean impression when people enter the room. People may experience physical relaxation also, as green can help you relax your muscles and breathe more deeply. In addition, emerald has natural overtones because it is so prevalent in nature. When you incorporate emerald colors into a room, your room will have a soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating feeling for those who spend time there. When people encounter emerald green, they may feel a balance of emotions and a calm comfort that makes issues easier to handle. Do beware of some negative effects of other greens, however. As soothing as emerald can be, olive green can have a distinct negative impact on emotions, often reminding people of death and decay.

  2. Try a bold statement in the bathroom by dressing your shower with a bright emerald shower curtain and the floors with bright emerald rugs.
  3. 2.Colors that Match

    Because the jewel-tone of emerald is a cool tone, it pairs easily with another cool tone – blue. Imagine the calm and serene feeling you can create when you combine emerald with a varied palette of blue in a room. Imagine turquoise, royal and even a dusty hue of blue to complement emerald accessories. Equally bold and beautiful, combine emerald with black and white colors in a room for a clean and striking effect. Another option – add emerald accessories to a neutral palette of tan, ecru and beige for a refreshing pop of color that will revitalize and bring a delightful energy into the room.


    3.Colors to Avoid

    Although emerald works as a bold and bright statement with a variety of colors, there are a few hues to avoid with emerald. Pairing emerald with red may work during the holiday season, but you might create the wrong effect if you try it during other times of the year. It’s also wise to avoid pairing emerald with dark neutrals like brown and navy because you could overwhelm a room or neutralize the emerald with the darkness of the other colors. For best color combinations, let emerald carry the show and use all other colors as a supporting cast.

  5. 4.Painting with Emerald

    When you want to embrace the color of the year in a big way, why not incorporate it into your living or dining room by painting the walls? If painting every wall is over the top, you could scale it back slightly by painting one wall emerald green as an accent color. Still too much? Opt for painting a built-in bookshelf or even the walls behind the bookshelf emerald for a lively pop of color that can transform a boring room into a work of art. If you just need one conservative focal point in a room, try painting an end table or coffee table a bright, emerald green. All eyes will travel right to this piece upon entering the room.

  6. 5.Adding Emerald as a Complementary Color

    Your options for adding emerald to a room as a complementary color are many. Try throw pillows and accent throws on furniture. Add an area rug on the floor with emerald hues. In the bedroom, try freshening up your bedding with emerald colors in the throw, the accent pillows, the bed skirt or even the headboard. If you want to bring emerald into your kitchen or bath, switch out your towels for emerald towels. In the kitchen, you might even add distinctive glassware and dishes to incorporate emerald into your color scheme. Try a bold statement in the bathroom by dressing your shower with a bright emerald shower curtain and the floors with bright emerald rugs.


    6.Fun Crafts with Emerald

    Wander up and down the aisles of your favorite crafting store and you’re sure to get plenty of emerald-green crafting inspirations. Fabrics everywhere are incorporating this bright and bold color palette. If you have sewing or quilting skills, you might start a new project that features emerald hues as the predominant color. Another easy idea – string emerald-colored beads on beading wire and drape them over lampshades for a bright pop of color that will reflect light in curious and interesting ways throughout the room. Pull back neutral draperies with emerald pull-backs featuring tassels. You might even decoupage a desk, dresser or end table with swatches of emerald paper in various solids, stripes and patterns.


    There’s no arguing with Pantone once they choose the color of the year. In fact, all industries willingly accept and follow Pantone’s decree. You’ll see emerald as the predominant color in fashion lines and home décor throughout the months of 2013. Hop on board the emerald bandwagon and enjoy the ride. Your house will benefit from a revitalization that exudes fresh energy. If you’re still looking for inspiration and ideas, visit the Red Beacon website for helpful tips and advice. You never know what ingenious ideas you’ll glean from our experts.


Photo Credit: SLIM

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