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Do I Need to Hire a Home Staging Service?

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Do I Need to Hire a Home Staging Service?

When you want to sell your home, you might engage a professional real estate broker or agent to represent you in the process. Engaging a real estate professional makes sense, because you probably don’t know all the in’s and out’s of selling a house, so you leave it to a professional to make sure your house sells successfully.


Backing up a moment, before you even place your house on the market, you may have some work to do to get it ready for the spotlight. Again, this might not be your area of expertise. So, what to do? You hire a professional home staging company to prepare and promote your home in the competitive real estate marketplace.

  1. 1.What Is Home Staging?

    A professional home stager understands and knows the nuances of the real estate market and what it takes to sell a house for top dollar. This expert will work your home over from top to bottom to improve the flow, ditch messy clutter, arrange your rooms and amp up the curb appeal factor from the outside of your home. It’s all about first impressions – when a would-be buyer steps out of their car and looks at your home for the first time, you want it to be love at first sight.

  2. 2.Planning and Design

    A home staging company knows all the tricks of design and planning that will make your home shout its elegance and comfort to buyers. What’s more, as the owner and occupant of your home, you’ve probably become so accustomed to the furniture arrangement and room design that making major changes might not even occur to you. When a home stager walks in the front door, she has a whole new perspective, coupled with fresh ideas, and she can create bold and brand new looks with your tired old rooms.

    You might be surprised at the repurposing that goes on in your home with a home stager at work. Suddenly, that spare bedroom that you used for holding extra stuff becomes an innovative home office that would appeal to many buyers.

  3. 3.Choosing a Budget

    Just like any other contracted service, you need to gather estimates from assorted companies to find one that fits your budget. Be aware that different companies charge differently – some charge by the hour and others charge by the overall services performed for the job.

    As you set your budget, consider the listing price of your home. The price you pay for the home staging services should be realistic, as it balances with the return you expect to receive and the higher price you’ll get for your house. In other words, the home staging work needs to pay off in the long run with a higher purchase price for your home. The higher price you expect to get, the more you can comfortably pay for home staging.

  4. 4.Timetable

    As you consider hiring a home stager, make sure you factor in enough time for the transformation process as it relates to your listing and selling schedule. If your home sale needs to happen quickly, the home staging might be minimal and quick to get you fast results.

    It’s also important to iron out details such as the time period of staging. This can be particularly relevant if the home stager has placed furnishings and other items into your home as a part of the home staging. You need to know the length of the staging period to ensure that it will coincide with the listing period for your home. It’s imperative that your home stay staged throughout every open house and every showing.

  5. 5.Number of Rooms to be Staged

    Consider how extensive you want the home staging services for your home. Maybe every room doesn’t need a professional touch, so you feel safe in leaving out the basement, the garage and the backyard. Or maybe you’ve recently redecorated your kids’ rooms and staging isn’t necessary there. If you have a limited budget, concentrate the staging in the important rooms – the living areas, the kitchen and the master bedroom. If you have an extremely limited budget, put your money where it’s needed most and just do one or two rooms. Just staging a room or two should have positive results in your home’s sale.

  6. 6.Benefits of Home Staging

    When you turn your home over to a professional home stager, you can expect your home to reach out and grab potential buyers. It’s often easier for buyers to imagine themselves in a staged home, simply because of the professional attention to detail. Staging also has a knack of making a home appeal to a broader span of people – not just one age group. A staged home tends to rise to the top of its specific market, simply because of the professional work done on its presentation.

  7. 7.Let Redbeacon Help

    Redbeacon has home stagers on its list of professionals. Visit the Redbeacon website to submit a work request. After receiving a list of possible home stagers that could work magic in your home, choose the one that fits your style and budget. From this point on, Redbeacon will take charge of the project and ensure that you receive professional and top-notch results from the home staging.

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