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How Much Does a Door Bell Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Does a Door Bell Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Door Bell Installation Cost?

Doorbells have long been a standard feature on American homes. Invented in 1831, by, Joseph Henry, the once crude electronic oddity has evolved into a technological alerter that can; ring, sing, chirp, or chime, in tones that rival Dolby sound. There are wired doorbells, wireless doorbells, and intercom systems that serve as doorbells. There are doorbell systems designed for every budget. Modern doorbell systems have become quite sophisticated, and in some cases, requires the skill of a specialized technician for installation, and repair service.

Average Prices

New Doorbell Installation Cost

The cost of a new doorbell installation depends on several factors. Wired systems are more easily installed while the home is being built. The electrician is able to incorporate doorbell installation into the main wiring job with little additional time involved. In preexisting homes, retroactive wiring takes additional time, which translates to a higher price. In either case it is not uncommon for installation charges to run between $128-$153.


Doorbell Component Replacement Cost

One of the facts of life is, man made parts wear out. Doorbell components are no exception to the rule. Fortunately they are usually replaceable on a “part by part” basis at a reasonable cost. Depending on which part needs replaced, you can expect to $68 to $117. There are a couple “rules of thumb” to follow to insure your satisfaction with the repair. For indoor components like chime boxes, mounted on walls, replace them with fixtures equally as big or larger to eliminate the need for wall repair. For intercom replacement parts, always follow the manufactures recommendations to ensure compatibility. Following these two rules can save significant cost in the long run.


Wired Doorbell Installation Cost

Wired doorbell installations should be handled by a licensed electrician for several reasons. The first one is personal safety. While the doorbell itself operates on low voltage, the transformer is hard wired to a full 120 volt system. Another reason is to insure the wiring is hid as good as possible. Electricians know how and where to run the wire so it is not a visible eyesore. The entire process of installing a wired doorbell system rarely takes more than several hours, and can cost anywhere from $92-$189.


Wireless Doorbell Installation Cost

In a very basic way, wireless doorbell systems operate the same as a television satellite dish. The transmitter delivers a signal to a receiver through the air. Obstacles such as; trees, fences, walls, and furniture, can affect the signal, and render the wireless system inoperable. For that reason it is advisable to purchase a system with a much longer range than required. By doing so, the system will have a more powerful transmitter with less chance of “weak signal failure”. These systems cost less than wired systems to install, with the average expense being $83 to $170.


Intercom System Installation Cost

Intercom systems designed specifically for welcoming guests and deliveries, have become popular not only for gated communities, but individual households as well. They provide the added security feature of knowing who is at the door before it is opened. These systems can be wired or wireless and some come with several speakers so they can be installed in separate rooms. Depending on how complicated the system is you will be charged $108 to $223, for completion.


After deciding which system suits your taste, you can determine how many receivers you need, and where to place them. Another worthwhile option to consider is volume control. Many of today's units can be adjusted for sleeping patterns, and, do not disturb times. If you have children in the house, this can be a “must have” for your system.

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