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How Much Does a Door Bell Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Does a Door Bell Repair Cost?
How Much Does a Door Bell Repair Cost?

It would make anyone’s day to answer the doorbell, and have someone like, Ed McMahon; present the million dollar sweepstakes check. It would also ruin the day to have him walk away because the doorbell didn’t work. While that may be an unlikely scenario, it is not uncommon for delivery drivers, and guests to leave unnoticed because they didn’t know the doorbell was broke. Common repairs like fixing broken wires, buttons, receivers, and intercoms, often go unattended because residents assume the cost to repair it would be too great. Usually however; the outlay to repair a doorbell is far outweighed by the gratification of those that gain your attention by using it.

Average Prices

Doorbell Wiring Repair Cost

The wires to operate a doorbell are very small in diameter. Even when properly installed, the coating on the wire can crack over sustained periods of time. This happens more on the transmitter end of the doorbell which is generally at an exterior location. Once the cracking process begins, the wires can become corroded, and eventually break. Repairing these wires is a simple task for an electrician which will usually cost between $82 and $150.


Doorbell Button Repair Cost

One problem that occurs with the doorbell button is a lack of contact that interrupts the flow of electricity. The contacts on a doorbell button are made of copper. Over time, moisture infiltrates the casing, causing corrosion on the soft metal. When this happens, even though the wiring remains intact, the doorbell will not sound. In some cases the contact points can be cleaned and lubricated to allow the doorbell to work for years to come. Many buttons are lighted. Occasionally the bulb will burn out due to moisture, and need to be replaced. When this needs to be done, applying grease to the contacts will save a second trip by the repairman. The price for this service runs low to high from $68 to $124.


Doorbell Receiver Repair Cost

Whether your doorbell; rings, sings, beeps, buzzes, or talks, the odds are it vibrates when it is summoned. Over extended time the vibration has a tendency to wear out the moving parts inside the casing. When this happens, it is necessary for the cover to be removed, and the affected parts repaired or replaced. While some less expensive units are sealed and must be discarded, other higher end models have removable covers, making repair possible. If yours is a repairable model, you can to pay between $81 and $149 for this service.


Intercom Repair Cost

When it comes to door answering systems, intercoms are usually the more costly of the varieties to repair. That doesn’t mean you have to sell the kids “even if you want to” to pay for it. It just means slightly more time and material cost – may be involved. Two of the more common problems that occur with intercom systems are wiring, and speakers. Even though exterior speakers are made to operate in the elements, they are, after all is said and done, speakers, and speakers do not last forever. When it comes time to replace them, it is well worth the small additional cost to go with the higher quality product. By doing so you will be assured of clear crisp sound and the longevity of service will make your investment cost wise and money smart. Depending on your area, you will probably pay between $85 and $155 for this service.


Once your doorbell has been repaired, you can recline in inattentive posture knowing that if, Ed McMahon’s predecessor does ring your chime, he will not walk away with the check still in his hand.

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