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How Much Does a Door Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Does a Door Repair Cost?
How Much Does a Door Repair Cost?

Perhaps your door won't lock properly or even latch the way it's supposed to. A number of small issues can cause a door to malfunction but can be easily repaired once the source of the problem is identified. The cost to have your door repaired depends on what parts, if any, need to be replaced. The following guide will describe common door issues and provide you average national rates to have them fixed.

Average Prices

Interior vs. Exterior

Exterior doors such as the main entry door are larger and heavier than interior doors and are made out of steel or wood. The exposure to rain and weather conditions can make repairs more complicated and can cause unforeseen damages within the door or frame. The door knobs and hardware are also more expensive as they come in an endless variety of styles and material types. The national average rate to have an exterior door repaired is $159 as oppose to an interior door which can cost $144 on average.


Door Type

French doors can add style and light to any room with its glass lite design and its wide frame. The national average rate for repairing a set of French doors is $165. Sliding doors make great patio doors and consists of large heavy glass material and a track system which can cost an average of $151 nationally to repair. Wood doors are classic and traditional and can cost an average of $154 to repair. A storm door can cost $118 to fix while a glass door repair can rate around $150.


Lock Mechanism Problem

The primary functions of a door is to provide privacy and security, if your door does not lock properly then you should tend to it as soon as possible. Lock sets can be made out of nickel, brass, bronze, and other options. If your system has a deadbolt, this can add to the cost. If perhaps you now want a deadbolt lock installed and an opening needs to be made, the technician will require specialized tools and have to replace all necessary parts. The price range for this repair can fall between $86 and $204.


Door Knob Issue

If your door knob seems to be broken, tight, or loose then adjustment or replacement may be necessary. If you want the parts to be included with installation expect to pay a national price range between $84 and $198. If this is an issue with an interior door, remember to try to match the color and style of all the other interior doors.


Hinge Malfunction

Overtime the screws and hinges of a door system can become loose, crack, or come off completely. Hinges come in sets of three and should match the lock and door knob design. The door will need to be completely taken off, replaced, and hinged back into its proper place. Expect to pay between $98 and $231 to replace or repair the door hinges.


Door Cracked

Doors can crack after prolonged use or even because of outside weather conditions. If the crack on the door is large enough to become an eyesore or compromise the function of the door, then it should probably be replaced. It can be difficult to repair a crack on the actual door without any leaving any cosmetic blemishes, expect to pay between $111 and $261 to repair a cracked door.


Door Not Opening or Closing

If you have just replaced your floors or an exterior door has warped because of the outside heat or cold , then you may be facing problems with your door not opening or closing properly. A technician or handyman can fix this issue between $96 and $226 depending on the type of door and whether it is an interior or exterior door.


Broken Screen

Screens are great door protectors and provide access to natural air and sunlight. Screen frames can be built out of light steel, aluminum, or wood. At times glass lites, springs, hinges, or handles may need replacement and can cost between $85 and $200 to repair.


Broken Door Frame

An interior or exterior door can become damaged by moving furniture, children playing, or prolonged heavy use. Whether you're having problems opening the door or perhaps it has aged badly, sometimes it will be easier to replace the entire door as oppose to attempting a blemish repair. Fixing a broken door can cost an average of $174 depending if the actual frame or any lites need to be replaced.

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