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Entry Door Repair Guide

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Entry Door Repair Guide

Doors that are in disrepair--especially entry doors--can be a nuisance. Malfunctioning locking mechanisms, doors that stick when shut, and those that will not close at all are each something that most homeowners will have to deal with from time to time are all common ailments, and many such issues have relatively quick fixes.

  1. 1.Malfunctioning Locking Mechanisms or Door Hardware

    Swapping out your old door for a newer, sturdier model practically pays for itself!

    While knobs, locks, and hinges can definitely become too aged for a quick fix and leave homeowners with few better options than replacement, in many cases all these components need is a little lubrication to restore proper function. The inner workings of locks are sometimes difficult to access, but a bit of lubricating spray on the hidden metal pieces will often bring back function and won't cost you a thing. Lubricating metal door components is a good idea even if you don't currently have an issue as it will prevent problems from arising and protect metal pieces from damage due to friction.

  2. 2.Sticking Doors

    There are no less than a billion individual circumstances that can cause a door to stick, but they can all be summed up in a single word: Friction. Take a piece of plain cardboard (the corrugated stuff, not cereal box material) and slide it into the gap above the door while it is closed. Slowly make your way around the edge of the door until you reach a point where the cardboard gets stuck. You've now identified where your friction is coming from.


    This can sometimes be remedied by tightening up hinges or changing their position slightly; fixing loose members of the door frame may also do the trick. When dealing with wood doors, the solution might be to sand down the area where friction is identified (making sure, of course, to properly seal the exposed wood afterward). If it is not just a single door that is sticking, but many doors and windows, as well, there may be a larger problem afoot; foundation issues are sometimes first noticed because a number of doors and windows begin to stick.

  3. 3.Screen and Storm Doors

    Unfortunately many screen and storm doors are designed for thrift rather than durability. The good news is: replacement storm and screen doors are relatively cheap.

  5. 4.Replacing Entry Doors

    In partnership with Remodeling Magazine, the National Association of Realtors lists replacing an existing entry door with a brand new steel model as one of the most profitable Their report suggests that this project--though it typically costs over $1000--will generally recover about 73% of the cost in added resale value. Swapping out your old door for a newer, sturdier model practically pays for itself!

  6. 5.Hiring a Pro for Door Repairs

    Though some door repair projects are simply not DIY-friendly, most issues with doors can be handled cheaply and quickly by a professional with the right tools and a good bit of know-how. There are certainly companies that deal primarily with doors who will be able to handle the job, but for minor repairs, it might be better to call a handyman service.


    Since handyman services deal with all sorts of small repairs on a daily basis, your sticking door should be no problem. These professionals shine the brightest, however, when you have several small repairs that need to be remedied. Rather than call an electrician to replace an outlet, a plumber to fix the sink, and a carpenter to fix the door, a handyman service can get all of these jobs done in a single visit at a greatly reduced cost (and with a significantly lower amount of effort put into service calls)!

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