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How Much Does a Drain Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Drain Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Drain Installation Cost?

Properly installed drains perform the vital function of protecting your home from damage. When planning for your drain installation, consider the locations and conditions of your site to understand the complexity and potential costs of the project.

Average Prices

Drain Location

Installing drains in an existing home requires your plumber to work with the structure that is already in place. Since flexibility is limited, the type and location of the drain plays an important part in pricing the installation. Installing basement drains costs an average of $279 across the country, compared to $401 for outdoor drains. The installation of a drain inside your finished home is a complex project that may affect several areas of your house, costing an average of $241. The farther your new drain is from ventilation pipes and the main waste line of your house-- as well as the number of floors and walls that must be breached to run pipes-- affects your budget for time, materials and related repairs.


Installing Pumps with Drains

Sink, bath, and laundry drains installed below grade often require a pump to move waste up to the level of the main sewer or septic line. Pumps designed to remove accumulated storm or ground water from a basement also push water above grade, though they are typically drained outdoors, away from the home. While the average price for a typical drain installation is $229, adding a pump to the project brings the average price to $832 compared to $219 for installing a pump alone.


Exterior Drainage

Drains are often installed around landscaping and structures to prevent flooding and damage from excessive ground and rain water. The proximity of drains to structures and pavement affect the difficulty of installations and related repairs, with an average price of $417 for drains installed in a yard compared to $1128 for those in a garage and $349 for driveway installations. Drainage added around the foundation of a house or other structure costs an average of $425, with gutter & downspout drains installed for $209.


Interior Drains in Concrete

Installing drains in concrete slabs during construction or renovation is a common and efficient project, while placing a new drain system in an existing slab is a challenging job. Though materials for a basement drain project are standard, adding drainage to a finished slab is a labor and time-intensive project that requires the demolition and replacement of several inches of concrete. Nationally, the average project price for installing a drain within a concrete slab is $210 vs. $834 at the edge of a slab. Adding drainage beneath an existing slab may require extensive excavation, costing an average of $620.


Needs for Interior Drainage

Many homes require new drainage in basements to prevent or resolve flooding, or repairs to correct leaks and other plumbing problems. Whether for a temporary or ongoing issue, installing drainage lines and pumps can help manage a variety of issues. Drain repairs and installations for water leaks and burst pipes cost an average of $638 and $1038, respectively. Installing drainage to handle rising ground water comes with an average price tag of $1124 with systems for diverting storm flooding costing an average of $923 to install.


Planning for Drain Installations

The broad scope of drain installations gives you plenty to consider as you discuss your project with your contractor. Simple repairs and replacements can be handled easily, but potential effects of new drain line installations on your budget and home require careful evaluation. Be sure to discuss how your contractor will access your existing lines and how to arrange for necessary preparation and repair work, such as removing and replacing drywall, flooring, pavement, or landscaping. Well-planned choices that work with the existing systems in your home can provide effective results while minimizing the impact on your budget.

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