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Easy Solutions to Refrigerator Installations

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Easy Solutions to Refrigerator Installations
Easy Solutions to Refrigerator Installations

Installing a refrigerator may seem like a daunting task. They’re so big and heavy! How should I get it into place? Are there any things I should avoid doing? How can I be prepared in case I need to fix something quickly? Follow our easy solutions to refrigerator installations, and save yourself time, as well as future trouble!

  1. 1.Keep the Manual, Man!

    Place your owner’s manual in a plastic bag and tape it to the side of the refrigerator. That way, should anything funny start happening, you’ll know exactly where to go to reference the situation.

  2. You should treat your fridge like a best friend who had too much to drink. Keep it upright at all times, and don’t lay it directly on its back or on its side.
  3. 2.Keep Your Fridge on the Level

    When you’re setting the height of the feet to keep your fridge level, don’t guess – use a level! Place it at the top of the refrigerator and adjust the feet one at a time, making sure to watch the bubble after each adjustment. This will allow you to be absolutely sure that your fridge is level, and it’s fast and easy.

  4. 3.Put Your Fridge in a Fridge-Safe Location

    When you’re picking the spot for your fridge, make sure to put it far from heat-causing appliances like ovens or stoves, and avoid putting your refrigerator in direct sunlight. A cool, dry area in your kitchen is ideal for keeping your fridge (and your food) happy.

  5. 4.This Side Up Means That Side Up!

    You should treat your fridge like a best friend who had too much to drink. Keep it upright at all times, and don’t lay it directly on its back or on its side. Refrigerators were designed to work upright, and keeping it that way during the installation will ensure that nothing shifts or is out of place after you start running it.

  6. 5.Give it Some Time to Run

    After installing your refrigerator, run it for at least four or five hours before storing any perishable items in it. This gives the refrigerator time to prep the environment for ideal food storage.

  7. 6.Never Use an Extension Cord

    Plug your fridge’s own cord directly into the power outlet on the wall. If you’ve got a refrigerator with an icemaker, this is an absolute order. The possibility of electrocution with any appliance that uses water is sky high when electricity is not used exactly as intended.


    Take care to follow these simple tips when installing your refrigerator, and you should be snacking on carrot sticks in no time!

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