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Easy Storm Damage Repair Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Easy Storm Damage Repair Guide
Easy Storm Damage Repair Guide

No matter where you live, harsh weather is inevitable and can happen at the worst timing. Lots of areas of your house can be affected by bad weather and it is important to know how to repair certain things. In this article we touch on the subject of different repairs you can do yourself after a storm happens. For anything over your head, we suggest hiring a professional contractor that will be able to get your home fixed before the next storm comes.


Prevention is key, but sometimes even the best prevention cannot stop Mother Nature. Here are a few tips that we have found to help repair areas in your home after a storm has come through and caused damage.

  1. 1.Water Damage

    Although there may not be too many “easy” fixes, there are a lot of preventative measures that you can take along with just general repairs that you can do if a small problem arises.

    There are many different types of water damage that can occur from a storm. These include flooded basements, sewage that is backed up, flash flooding, mold, among other physical deformities. Broken pipes can result in water damage as well. If you have too much water in your home after a bad storm, professional pumps will most likely be needed. If it is less than about two inches, you should be able to use cups and take the water out by bucket. Although it requires time, it does not require you to spend any money. Aside from that, placing a tarp over certain areas of your home can help to prevent any unneeded mold from occurring. Storm window covers help with basement windows where flooding can be prevalent.

  2. 2.Fire Damage

    Fire gets into drywall, burns framework and flooring and is very hard to deal with. There is almost never an easy route to repairing your house from a fire, even the smoke and odor afterwards is difficult to assess and deal with. For fires we recommend calling a professional contractor in who normally works with fire damage so that they can get your house back to normal as fast as possible.

  3. 3.Wind Damage

    Places like your roof are commonly affected by wind damage and can result in shingles being torn off or perhaps branches falling off trees and breaking windows. Shingles are very easy to replace, all you really need is the replacements and some glue. Of course if you have a metal roof you really don’t need to worry all that much about wind damage. Branches should always be trimmed and cut before a bad weather season is about to approach.

  4. 4.After Winter Weather Repairs

    Winter can sometimes be like one big storm all season long. We recommend resealing the driveway after a harsh winter, since a lot of expansion can get created by water from the snow expanding the cracks. This will lengthen the life span of your driveway and make it smoother for the upcoming summer where the driveway will be stressed. Pressure washing wooden decks can help to loosen up any sot that may have gotten stuck, and in spring you may find it time to reseal your deck as well. You don’t have to do this every spring, but once every few years will help to keep everything in optimal shape. You may also find yourself having to repair or purchase new fencing since heavy snow can wear down on fences, deforming and making them virtually useless. One more thing that you should always make sure to do is unclog your gutters so that no flooding occurs and proper flowage is in order.


    Although there may not be too many “easy” fixes, there are a lot of preventative measures that you can take along with just general repairs that you can do if a small problem arises. Weather is always going to be around but you don’t have to let it be a huge problem. Watch the forecast and act accordingly.

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