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Eco Cleaning Guide

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Eco Cleaning Guide

Working with eco friendly cleaners is better for the environment and for your home. You can do a number of things in order to make your home safe for children, food and even pets. By using less harmful chemicals you will be able to ensure that your floors, countertops and other areas are free of dangerous toxins.


Here are five things you can do in order to keep things “green” in your own home.

  1. 1.Dilute Your Chemicals

    Chemicals have gotten stronger over the years and you don’t really need all that power. You can often take what is in the bottle and dilute it down to a third of the concentration. You will still be able to clean with the product but it won’t be as potent and should not leave a residue around the house.

  2. Instead of choosing harsh bleaches and the like, use a heavier sponge and work a little bit longer at the stain or dirt spot.
  3. 2.Read the Labels

    Companies have taken the time to make sure to label eco friendly cleaners as they know people are interested. You can take this step farther by reading the list of ingredients. It takes a bit of time at first, but soon you will learn the chemicals you find acceptable versus what you do not. Just like with food, most of the simple ingredients are better for you.

  4. 3.Soap is Always a Great Cleaner

    The intense chemicals used today were made to make things easier than they used to be, but soap really does do the job. You can clean most things with soap and water and get things clean enough. This rarely leaves behind any residue and certainly not dangerous residue. You can even thin out the soap a bit to make it more environmentally sound. Small amounts of soap in water do not hurt the eco system.

  5. 4.Use Some Elbow Grease

    Instead of choosing harsh bleaches and the like, use a heavier sponge and work a little bit longer at the stain or dirt spot. You can often get things clean with just a little extra pressure or time and you will save yourself the exposure to harsher chemicals.

  6. 5.Fine Mist Bottles

    Help to keep your usage down by using fine mist bottles rather than pressurized cans. These cans have been made to be better for the Ozone than before but they are still not as clean as using a mist bottle.


    All of these little changes can help get dangerous chemicals out of your house. This not only keeps the chemicals off the floor and from you inhaling them, but also under your sink won’t be a haven of poison for visiting children or pets. The greener your cleaners the less you have to worry about when it comes to exposure.

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