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How Much Does an Electrical Outlet Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does an Electrical Outlet Installation Cost?
How Much Does an Electrical Outlet Installation Cost?

Adding outlets to your home provide more convenient access to electricity for a variety of uses. Whether to upgrade or add standard wall outlets or create a new connection for a major appliance, an electrician can install the correct outlet for your application and make any necessary upgrades to the wiring in your home.

Average Prices

Dryer Outlet Installation

Both electric and gas dryers use electricity, but type of dryer determines what wiring and receptacle are necessary. Gas dryers require a standard 120 volt outlet to power controls, whereas electric dryers need a 240 volt outlet to power heating elements as well as other functions. The process of wiring the two outlets are similar, but the outlet for the electric dryer requires heaver, more expensive wire than the standard outlet that can be used for a gas dryer, as well as dedicated breaker in the electrical panel. The expected price range for the installation of a dryer outlet is $107 to $244 and will vary with the type of outlet that is required and the accessibility and condition of your home’s wiring.


Installing an Outlet for a Jetted Tub

Jetted bathtubs, also known as Jacuzzis or whirlpools, require an electrical connection to power the pumps and controls that provide the water circulation for the tub. The outlet for your tub can be installed within the surround that houses the bath, and must be either a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet, or a standard outlet that runs on a GFCI breaker in your home’s electrical panel. Both scenarios require a dedicated circuit, or breaker, and typically cost $109 to $249, nationally. The price of your project will depend on which method of installation you choose and how easily your electrician can run the new wires from your bathroom to your electrical panel.


Washer Outlet Installation

Washing machines require a standard electrical outlet and circuit, but the location of the outlet and your local codes will determine if GFCI protection is needed. Installing a GFCI outlet or breaker will add to the price of your project, which generally costs between $113 and $258 in the U.S. The location of your laundry area will also factor into the installation price; if your washer will be in the basement or utility area of your home, chances are good that it will be in close proximity to your electrical panel, reducing the complexity of the wiring job.


Installing a Dishwasher Outlet

In many cases, dishwashers are wired directly to your home’s electrical panel with a dedicated circuit, but can also be powered by plugging into an outlet under your kitchen sink. Portable dishwashers can be connected to any standard outlet. Local codes will determine if GFCI outlets or breakers are required for your installation, which you can expect to cost between $107 and $244, based on national rates. The ease with which your electrician can access the area for wiring the outlet will contribute to the price of your project, as well as the type of outlet and breaker required.


Upgrading Existing Outlets

Upgrading existing outlets to modern standards or for specific uses can provide convenience and increase safety. Depending on the nature of your upgrades, these installations typically range from $99 to $222, nationally. An important factor in upgrading outlets is whether the wiring and electrical panel of your home is adequate to support the new receptacles. Your electrician can determine if new wiring or upgrades to your panel are needed. The cost of replacement materials and the complexity of running wires through your walls will help determine the cost of your project.


Find Electrical Outlet Installation Services Near You

The location and application of your outlet installation will help determine the materials and labor needed to complete your projects, but often the hidden aspects of the job add expenses. Consult with your electrician to determine if your electrical panel is adequate to support new breakers, and if your wiring is in good condition for modifications. Installing new wires for outlets is simplest when the framing of your home is exposed, during construction or renovations. If your outlets will be placed in finished walls or cabinetry, consider that accessing the panel and outlet location may cause damage to your floors, walls or ceilings. Repairing these damages will add to the overall costs of your installation and require other contractors’ services. Evaluate the location and use of your new outlet as well as upgrades to your home’s wiring as you discuss the project with your electrician.

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