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How Much Does an Electrical Outlet Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does an Electrical Outlet Repair Cost?
How Much Does an Electrical Outlet Repair Cost?

Electrical outlets that are damaged or do not work properly can often be repaired or replaced by an electrician with standard tools and equipment. Though labor rates will vary with your location, the nature of the repair and the condition of your home’s wiring will help determine the cost of the project.

Average Prices

Ceiling Outlet Repairs

Outlets placed in ceilings are wired in the same manner as more common wall outlets, but their location makes servicing them more challenging. National rates for repairing ceiling outlets range from $90 to $182 and vary with the nature of the problem and the accessibility of the outlet and wiring. Basic repairs in the connections of the receptacle are generally simple projects for an electrician, but replacing faulty wiring or breakers will require more time and materials, increasing the cost of the repair. If your electrician must access your outlet or wiring through the ceiling or the floor above it, correcting resulting damage will affect your overall costs.


Repairing Wall Outlets

Wall outlets are generally repaired for $89 to $181, depending on the time and materials needed. Replacing wall receptacles and repairing their connections are economical projects, but added cost may come with the type of outlet or repairs needed behind the actual outlet. Replacing the wall boxes that hold the outlets or any wiring between them and the electrical panel is more involved and will make for a more expensive repair. Additionally, replacing arc fault or ground fault breakers for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms is more costly than replacing standard breakers in the electrical panel.


Floor Outlet Repairs

In addition to the potential repair issues of other outlets, floor outlets present specific challenges. Covers and plugs that prevent debris from falling into the outlet can be easily replaced and basic repairs to the receptacle are accomplished simply, but issues with the outlet’s wiring may lead to higher repair costs. Prices for repairing a floor outlet range from $95 to $193 and are often affected by the accessibility of the wiring. Reaching the wiring for a floor outlet may require your electrician to alter the flooring around the outlet or the ceiling below it, leading to additional repairs by a carpenter, flooring installer, or other contractor.


Repairing Outlets Dedicated to Appliances

Many appliances are powered by a dedicated outlet, with a single breaker controlling the power for a single appliance. While some appliances, such as refrigerators and microwave ovens use standard outlets and breakers, ranges, dryers, and many air conditioners require specific outlets to supply their power. These outlets and the wires that connect them to your electrical panel are more costly than standard materials, so repairing or replacing them will be more expensive. National rates for repairing dedicated appliance outlets are between $101 and $204, and vary with the type of outlet and the nature of the repair.


Standard Use Outlets

The most common outlets in U.S. homes are standard wall outlets and those that incorporate ground fault circuit interrupter protection (GFCI). GFCI outlets are installed in potentially wet areas and, though they cost slightly more than standard outlets, are reasonably priced to repair. Problems with standard use outlets can range from damaged face plates to loose connections and complete failure, and are generally resolved for $94 to $190. If the problem does not lie within your outlet but in the electrical supply of your home, the condition of your home’s wiring plays a part in the complexity and cost of repairs.


Preparing for Outlet Repairs

As you make plans for electrical outlet repair, consider the type and location of the outlet to help anticipate the cost. While an electrician will make the necessary repairs to your receptacle and wiring, additional repairs to correct related damage may add to the overall cost of your repair. Be sure to discuss these circumstances with your electrician as you plan and budget for your project.

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