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How Much Does Electrical Panel Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does Electrical Panel Installation Cost?
How Much Does Electrical Panel Installation Cost?

Each type of building has its own requirements specifying the type, size, and installation method, for electrical panels. Large homes demand a higher amp usage than small homes. Apartment breaker boxes call for less work than a house. Installation in an older dwelling is more complicated than new construction, and the process for a business can be extremely complicated, having a series of low and high voltage electrical panels.

Average Prices

Electrical Panel Installation for New Construction

While this is not a job for anyone other than an experienced electrician, it is the simplest type of electrical panel installation. All the elements of the process are new, and work areas are readily accessible, leading to minimal project completion time. Once the electrical panel is installed, and connected, each circuit is tested for proper function before the job is considered finished. New electrical panel installation generally costs from $526 to $1346.


Replacing an Existing Panel for New Construction

When an old electrical panel has to be removed before a new one can be installed, it results in additional cost. Removal of the existing breaker box can become necessary when an addition to the existing structure creates the introduction of numerous electrical features such as, outlets and lights. When the old panel is removed it always cost efficient to install the new one in the same location that the old one held. Replacing an existing panel can run anywhere from $641 to $1640.


Building 10 Years Old vs. 50 Years Old

There can be a considerable difference in the cost of replacing an electrical panel in a structure that is less than 10 years old, as opposed to one that is 50 years old. Buildings erected since 2000, will “by and large’ meet the current code requirements, and require few if any additional changes. One built in 1970, will probably need several changes in addition to the panel box in order to bring it up to code. Where a modern home panel replacement should cost between $558 and $1426, the older home tally can be as little as $686 or as much as $1754.


Electrical Panel Installation in Home

Choosing when to have the new electrical panel installed in your home can make you a hero, or leave you a villain. It can take from several hours to a couple days to complete an installation. If you time your project for a weekend, when the kids are playing video games and the wife is doing bookwork on the home computer, ouch! On the other hand, an impromptu mini-vacation can have the family carving a statue in your name. Timing is everything. The charge for this service will range from $585 to $1511.


Electrical Panel Installation in Apartment

Apartment panel box installation is different than that of a single dwelling. A number of units can be affected in the event of an electrical project. In some cases it becomes necessary to disconnect the power to the entire building, leaving all the tenants without power until the job is complete. This type of installation requires pre-planning so the project goes as smoothly as possible. This sort of installation can cost between $598 and $1544.


Electrical Panel Installation in Business

Businesses often require the most complicated electrical panels of all. There can be multiple high and low voltage panels that operate the various systems within the business. Each system may call for a specialized technician or electrician, trained in that particular field. These electrical systems are much more costly than a standard home system, and there is a wide range in price that starts at $546 and goes up to $1411.


Electrical Panel Installation Service

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, landlord, building manager, or tenant, if an electrical panel installation is in your future, it will affect your normal routine. By planning the project with your contractor, and knowing what to expect, you will save yourself from unwelcome surprises, and the job smoothly and efficiently.

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