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Electrical Panel Repair Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > Electrical Panel Repair Guide
Electrical Panel Repair Guide

Your home’s electrical system centers around the electrical control panel, located in your home. This electrical panel connects your home to power lines fueled by the utility company. The currents running from the electrical panel run to the various circuits throughout your home. Every electrical panel also contains circuit breakers, designed to protect the circuits from possible overloads.


Due to the highly technical nature of electrical control panels, whenever you have problems with it, you should call a certified electrician to assess the issues and perform the repairs. A number of issues can occur and a professional electrician will know exactly how to fix them.

  1. 1.Benefits of a Professional Repair

    Although an electrical panel is basic, the potential for injury of damage is great with repairs. For this reason, do not attempt to perform repairs to the electrical panel yourself. Always hire a certified electrician to ensure that the repair work resolves the problem and to ensure that no safety or hazards occur with the repairs.

  2. 2.Types of Electrical Panel Repairs

    Damage can occur to service cables. The point of damage to the cables will determine who has the responsibility for repairs, either you or the utility company. Cable insulation can become worn or damaged with exposure to elements. Cables can become loose if the clamps holding them to the meter fail or fall off. Any water or moisture near the electrical panel is a serious problem, demanding immediate service from an electrician. You may see rust on the box or corrosion on the wiring. The electrician should replace all water-damaged parts.

  3. 3.Safety Issues

    Safety issues require immediate repairs. If you have an underpowered or overcrowded electrical panel, you may have serious code violations. Having two circuits sharing a single breaker might save space, but your electrical system has a serious risk with this improper wiring. If you have a renovation or remodel planned that will introduce new and more significant power requirements in your home, you may need to have a subpanel installed to ensure that you have enough power channeled to the new addition from the existing electricity in your home.

  4. 4.Warning Signs

    Stay attuned to your electrical panel to notice warning signs that repair work is necessary. If you notice lights flickering with the operation of a large appliance, such as an air conditioner, you need work on your electrical panel. Any time your electrical panel feels warm, this is a warning sign, also. If your electrical panel was installed in the 1960s or 1970s, it’s possible that it features a “split buss” circuit breaker. With today’s modern home electrical load, these split butt breakers can present reliability and even safety issues.

  5. 5.When to Upgrade

    Older electrical panels with screw-in fuses are becoming obsolete, requiring an upgrade due to the higher electrical demands and requirements of modern homes. Newer electrical panels have numbered switches, called circuit breakers. With a chart inside the door of the electrical panel, you have all the information you need about which circuits control which areas of your home. An unlabeled electrical panel needs a detailed list of the circuits and what they control on the inside of the panel door to enable you to use the panel effectively. An older electrical panel may need an upgrade of the grounding and bonding system to prevent electrical shock.

  6. 6.Electrical Panel Repair Cost

    The design and complexity of your electrical panel will determine the cost of repairs. Electrical repairs on older panels can be significant to bring them up to code. Electrical panel repairs vary in price between $83 and $480. The average cost to repair an electrical panel in a home would be $202, with some variance for the size of the panel and extenuating circumstances of the upgrade or repair. To learn more, see our price guide on Electrical Panel Repair Cost.

  7. 7.Pro Referral

    Receive help from Pro Referral to find a professional electrician to repair an electrical panel. All of the Pros in our network have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted Pro can give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.


    Resolve any safety and performance issues of your electrical system by keeping your electrical panel up to date and working correctly. Hire a professional electrician to perform this work correctly.

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