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How Much Does an Electrical Wiring Upgrade Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does an Electrical Wiring Upgrade Cost?
How Much Does an Electrical Wiring Upgrade Cost?

In today’s age of technological wonders, it is difficult to imagine our homes without all the electrical conveniences that make life easier, and more comfortable. Many houses are still lived in, that has the archaic wiring of early technology, and requires upgrading to be compatible with modern energy devices. In some cases, every aspect of the wiring system has to be advanced to comply and work properly. This includes fixtures, switches, outlets, wiring, and electrical panels. Businesses, and homes alike, often require complete retro fitting to ensure stability and safety of the electrical system.

Average Prices

Electrical Wiring Fixture Upgrade

Advancements in the manufacture of electrical fixtures not only makes new ones more efficient, but safer as well. Outdated modules sometimes lack even the necessary component of a ground connection “mandatory in most areas of the U.S”. Without this safety feature, a short can occur, causing bulbs to explode, and breakers and fuses, to pop and shut off. The added safety of new fixtures is well worth the $78 to $245 it will cost to upgrade them.


Electrical Wiring Outlet Upgrade

Many homes still harbor two prong electrical outlets that have no ground. Most modern appliances maintain a three prong connection that requires this feature. With appliances that have a built in ground, it is often assumed the possibility of shock is eliminated. It can be a shocking experience to suddenly discover different. Upgrading inadequate electrical outlets is a simple task that should cost between $98 and $306 per outlet. Barring any necessity for shock therapy, this minimal cost job is many times worth the expense.


Electrical Wiring Panel Upgrade

In the 1950’s, a 60 amp electrical panel was all that was considered necessary to power the average home. Today, this would be considered inadequate for most home-workshops. Modern heating systems, washers, dryers, microwaves, computers, razors; everything in our contemporary homes calls for more power, and that means more amps. More amps mean more circuits, and that calls for bigger and better electrical panels. Upgrading an electrical panel requires skill and expertise. A knowledgeable electrician will charge between $582 and $1813 for this service, and he earns every penny of it.


Electrical Wiring Upgrade in Home

While wiring upgrades can be time consuming and costly, they may also be unavoidable. Homes that still retain wiring from several decades ago, often have circuits that frequently short out, and cause electrical shock. Insurance companies have even been known to refuse or cancel homeowner’s policies until the wiring is replaced. They are aware that old, insufficient wiring is a major cause of fire. Depending on the style and size of your home, your electrician should be able to upgrade your wiring in the range of $113 to $561.


Electrical Wiring Upgrade in Business

By necessity, wiring upgrades for businesses have to be made more frequently than for residences. Continual changes in Modern communication are one of the leading factors that require evolutionary upgrades to keep up with the competition. In cases where a business is handed down from one generation to the next, faulty wiring often goes unnoticed until the necessity for modern equipment dictates that a total wiring upgrade coincide with the installation of the modern machinery, and electronics. The cost of wiring upgrades for business can be anywhere from $131 to $646, depending on the nature of the industry, and size and type of building.


Electrical Wiring Upgrade Services

Wiring, is at the top of the list of “never put off today what can be done tomorrow,” for many reasons. In the home, appropriate wiring is crucial for the safety of every person living there. It is also an important component for heating systems that can malfunction or not work at all due to antiquated wiring. Businesses can fall behind the competition because they do not want to spend the money for electrical modernization. Through inaction the process only becomes more costly in the long run. Each year the fee for these services goes up, and the economy shows no reason to expect that trend to change. Get in touch with an electrical wiring upgrade service professional today.

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