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How Much Does an Exhaust Fan Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does an Exhaust Fan Installation Cost?
How Much Does an Exhaust Fan Installation Cost?

Exhaust fans provide important ventilation to your home, whether to control moisture or help maintain fresh air. In bathrooms, vent fans help prevent mold and damage in a damp environment and conveniently dispel steam, fumes and odors. Exhaust fans require electrical connections as well as a ventilation outlet to the exterior of your home, so understanding the installation process and choosing an exhaust fan that meets the needs of your family will help you plan for the cost of your new fan.

Average Prices

Installing a Combination Fan and Light Fixture

Many exhaust fans include an integrated light fixture to provide light to a room as well as ventilation. These fans are priced slightly higher than standard fan units, and cost $148 to $322 installed in the U.S. The price of installation will vary with model of fan that you choose, since features include a range of options such as lighter materials, higher power and air-flow, noise dampening, and speed control. Adding a double switch to control your fan and light functions separately may add to the cost of your project, but gives you the convenience controlling the unit’s functions as needed, rather than running both the fan and the light at the same time with only one switch. If your ceiling is not already wired for a fixture and fitted with ventilation ducting, these necessary accommodations will increase the cost of installation, based on how accessible the site is for modifications.


Combination Fan and Heater Installation

A feature added to some exhaust fans is heating capability. Using heat lamps or a heating element, these units help take the chill off while they vent moisture and fumes. While the added function of heating should not require additional wiring to power, a switch that controls heating and ventilation separately is required. The condition and accessibility of your wiring will determine how simply your electrician can complete the job, which costs between $151 and $328 nationally.


Installing a Combination Fan, Heater and Light

A full complement of features is available in fixtures that provide a fan, heater, and light in one. The electrical and ducting requirements for these units are generally the same as for other combination fixtures, and the installation of a multiple-switch control is necessary. Typical costs for installing a combination fan, heater and light are between $182 and $273 and may vary with the extent of any wiring or duct work that is required.


Duct Work Installation

Duct work is essential for an exhaust fan to perform its primary function of replacing the air in a room. If your bathroom has never been fitted for an exhaust fan, it will be necessary to install duct work from the installation site through the ceiling, walls, and possibly the roof of your home to provide appropriate ventilation. The cost for installing duct work is typically between $164 and $349 and depends largely on the directness of the route from your ceiling fixture to the exterior of your home. If you are replacing an exhaust fan, be sure to have your installer check your existing duct work before fitting your new unit. Any repairs or re-routing that is needed to properly vent your fan will add to the cost of installation. Additionally, repairing any moisture or mold damage caused by improperly vented exhaust fans will contribute to the overall cost of your project and may require the services of drywall or carpentry contractors.


Installing Exhaust Fans on High Ceilings

Having your fan installed on a higher-than-average ceiling may increase the cost of your project, since the difficulty of reaching the higher location may require your installer to use additional equipment or manpower to complete the job. Installing completely new wiring or ductwork for a high or slanted ceiling is also more challenging than doing so in an easily accessible area. The national average price of $214 for installing an exhaust fan on an 8’ high ceiling compares to $344 for installation on a 16’ high ceiling and reflects the difference in complexity of the project.


Exhaust Fan Installation Service

Installing a bathroom exhaust fan can improve comfort and air quality while preventing moisture damage to your home. Choose a model that meets the demands of your family and offers the features that are most beneficial for your application. Discuss the electrical and ductwork requirements of the project with your contractor as you plan the budget for your installation.

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