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How Much Does an Exterior Trim Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Siding > How Much Does an Exterior Trim Installation Cost?
How Much Does an Exterior Trim Installation Cost?

Exterior trim provides important design details that add impact and character to the outside of your home. Many factors influence what materials, skills and equipment will be needed to install exterior trim, and your building contractor can help you evaluate how the type of siding, trim, and structure in your application will contribute to overall costs.

Average Prices

Exterior Trim on Homes and Businesses

The size and style of your home play an important role in determine what type of trim to install and the difficulty with which the job can be accomplished. Trim installations on most houses can be done with tools and equipment that are standard for the contractor on your job and cost an average of $416 in the U.S. Often larger and architecturally different than homes, apartment and commercial buildings may require installers to use additional staging or lift equipment to reach all areas of the structure. Installation considerations like this contribute to average costs of $814 and $1223 for apartment and business buildings, respectively.


New and Replacement Trim Installations

New installations of trim are typically done during construction or renovation, when the work site is easily accessible and trim can be incorporated with new siding. Replacement projects may require your contractor work around existing landscaping or siding and remove and dispose of the old trim. Prices for a new trim installation range from $201 to $809, while replacing existing trim typically costs $206 to $833.


Installing Trim with Existing Siding Types

The type of siding on your home helps determine what type and finish of trim to use. Additionally, different siding types require specific application techniques which may affect the cost of your project. Installing exterior trim with wood panel siding costs an average of $358, compared to $483 for an application with wood shingles. Specialized materials and techniques used for fitting trim on masonry siding are reflected in average prices of $424 for brick, $754 for stone, and $541 for stucco. Buildings with metal siding typically have trim elements of the same material or metal-clad wood. Installing trim with aluminum siding costs an average of $638, versus $574 with steel siding.


Trim Materials

Wood, with an average installation price of $377, is perhaps the most common exterior trim material in the U.S. and is used with a variety of siding types. However, other trim materials designed to complement various sidings may offer a low-maintenance alternative to wood trim elements. Vinyl trims are used with a variety of siding types and are installed nationally for an average of $393. Aluminum trim, applied alone or over wood, is another option which averages $501 to install.


Building Height

As the type and size of trim elements affect the price of installation, so does accessibility. Reaching higher levels of your home to install trim pieces requires the use of ladders or staging, adding time and difficulty to the job. Project prices average $614 for single-story homes, $827 for two-story houses, $1249 for three levels, and $1488 for a four-story home. The use of special lift equipment for reaching hard-to-access areas may add substantial costs to your job, due to the expense of the equipment, difficulty in transporting it, and the training needed to operate it.


Planning for Exterior Trim Installation

Installing or replacing exterior trim is a significant project that can enhance the condition and beauty of your home. Discuss with your contractor which trim materials and finishes are appropriate for your home and what maintenance issues to consider when making selections. Your contractor can also help you plan and budget for accessibility issues and subcontractors, if special equipment or skills are needed to complete your project.

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