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How Much Does an Exterior Trim Repair Cost?

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How Much Does an Exterior Trim Repair Cost?

Exposure to elements and the process of aging take a toll on exterior trim elements. Since wear and damage detract from the beauty of your home and can lead to additional damage, making repairs to exterior trim is an important maintenance task that helps preserve your home’s beauty. The type of trim and siding on your home may affect whether you need the services of a mason, carpenter or other contractor, and variables with damage, structure, and access contribute to the cost of repairs.

Average Prices

Exterior Trim Repairs on Homes and Businesses

Size and style differences between most homes and commercial buildings contribute to the complexity and expense of trim repairs. Trim repairs on most houses can be done with standard carpentry and building tools and, nationally, cost an average of $328. Unusual scheduling to accommodate business hours, or the use special lift equipment to access taller structures may contribute to higher repair costs on apartment and commercial buildings. Factors like this contribute to average trim repair prices of $527 for apartment buildings and $604 for business buildings.


Types of Trim Repairs

Appropriate repairs will vary with the type damage on the trim of your home. Some trim elements are subject to rot, repairs for usually which entail at least partial replacement of affected pieces. Repairing rotted trim costs an average of $291 to complete in the U.S., compared to fixing water damage at $286. Repair options vary with trim materials, and in the case of cracked or broken trim, cost an average of $248 versus $287 for repairs for normal wear and tear. Your contractor can determine if the problems with your trim have caused additional damage from water or pests that may lead to further repairs.


Repairing Different Trim Materials

The skills and tools used for repairs vary with the type of trim materials used on your home. Since these differences affect the complexity and overall costs of repair projects, average prices vary with materials. Repairing wood trim costs an average of $265, compared to $254 for vinyl and $300 for aluminum. The availability of matching colors and styles for vinyl and metal products may contribute to the cost of replacement trim pieces, as will the species and finish required for repairs to wood details.


Trim Repairs for Your Siding Type

The type of siding on your home, as well the type of trim, helps determine what skills and tools are needed for repairs. Different sidings require specific techniques for removing and replacing trim if needed, so the extent of damage combined with the type and condition of your siding contributes to overall repair costs. Repairing exterior trim with wood panel siding costs an average of $281, compared to $217 for an application with wood shingles. Trims on masonry siding carry an average repair price of $275 for brick, $256 for stone, and $303 for stucco. Buildings with metal siding typically have trim repair costs that average $336 with aluminum, versus $352 with steel siding.


Building Height

The ease with which contractors can access the trim elements of your home’s exterior influence equipment and labor requirements, typically increasing costs with the height of the structure. When ladders are not adequate, the use of staging and lifts adds time and difficulty to the job and contributes to project prices that average $281 for single-story homes compared to $285 for two-story houses, $386 for three stories, and $618 for a four-story home.


Planning for Exterior Trim Repairs

Repairing trim is an important project for maintaining the exterior of your home. Discuss with your contractor how trim and siding materials influence your repair options and costs, and whether special equipment, skills or supplies will affect the complexity of your job. Evaluating these aspects of the job will help you understand the scope of your project as you prepare and budget to make repairs.

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