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How Much Does an Exterior Vent Replacement Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Heating & Cooling > How Much Does an Exterior Vent Replacement Cost?
How Much Does an Exterior Vent Replacement Cost?

Exterior vents provide important functions in maintaining air quality and circulation in your home. Replacing an exterior vent may entail fitting exterior parts, repairing damaged duct work, or the complete removal of the vent assembly for replacement. Your contractor can assess your existing vents and how their condition and location will contribute to replacement costs.

Average Prices

Replacing Vents in Homes and Businesses

Both residential and commercial buildings rely on exterior vents to remove heat, moisture and fumes, and improve air circulation. Since the characteristics and size of homes vary from those of apartment and business buildings, the location, type, and accessibility of vents affect replacement prices. While the average rate for a vent replacement in a single-family house is $218, the potential complexity of the task in an apartment facility may cost $327, compared to $431 for completing a replacement in a commercial building.


Damaged Vents

It is important to replace damaged vents to ensure proper function. The type and extent of damage often affects installation rates, since some damage may not be evident from the outside of your home. Storm damage, which often affects only the outermost components of ventilation systems, leads to average replacement costs of $177. Damage caused by rodents often extends to the ductwork behind the exterior vent, leading to replacements costs of about $273.


Replacing Multiple Vents

While the condition and type of each vent may vary, replacing several exterior vents at a time is common and may be more economical than having your contractor replace one vent at a time and make related repairs to siding or roofing with each installation. Nationally, the average price for replacing a single vent is $163, compared to $237 for two, $302 for three, and $337 for four vents.


Gable Vents

Gable vents are essential for providing ventilation and air circulation in attic spaces. Trouble with gable vents may lead to water or pest damage inside your home, so prompt replacement is important to maintain ventilation and prevent additional problems. Since gable vents consist only of the visible grill and have no ducting or mechanical parts, repairs usually consist of removing the damaged grill and fitting an equally sized replacement. These projects are typically completed for $216 to $334, and may be complicated by damage to siding or flashing that surrounds the vent, or with the installation of a different sized vent than the original.


Roof Vents

Like Gable vents, roof vents help to regulate attic temperatures to prevent condensation and protect your roof structure. Roof vents may be simple, non-mechanical units, or use powered fans to move air efficiently. Since roof vents must be properly integrated with roofing materials to prevent leaks and may require electrical connections, replacements typically cost between $274 and $382.


Wall Vents

Wall vents serve a number of functions as outlets for dryers and exhaust fans or important components of your home’s heating , cooling, or ventilation system. The size and type of wall vent to replaced influences the cost of the job, since its characteristics may affect whether your siding must be altered or repaired to fit the vent cover. Across the U.S., wall vent replacements cost from $184 to $233, with prices affected by the type and location of the vent, and whether repairs to related duct work are required.


Replacing Exterior Vents

A variety of vent types and styles, along with their location and function, help determine the cost of installing replacements. Difficulty accessing vents and modifications needed for your roof or siding may increase project costs, so discuss with a exterior vent replacement professional how the features of your vents and your home relate to the expense of fitting replacements.

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