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Family Room Remodel Basics

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Family Room Remodel Basics

Your family room – the spot where your family and friends can come together in casual comfort to enjoy spending time together and relaxing. If your family room has seen better days and it’s time to give it an update, a room remodel will make this happen. Sure, you could probably handle the job if you know how to hammer a nail and operate a power drill, but you probably have more important things to do, too.


Instead of fitting home remodeling projects into your already tight schedule, look for a general contractor who will step in to handle the work for you. Once hired, you can look forward to the new room while you keep juggling all of your other duties.

  1. “If your family room needs some help, you might be amazed at the overall benefits your family will experience with a remodeled family room.”

    1.Benefits of a Family Room Remodel

    Shouldn’t the rooms for hanging out and spending time together be comfortable and inviting? If your family room needs some help, you might be amazed at the overall benefits your family will experience with a remodeled family room. You might bump out your existing space to make the area larger. You might also add attractive features to the room, such as electronic updates like a home theater. By hiring an expert, you have the benefit of all the skills and knowledge of the professional, which should result in a better design and better workmanship.

  2. 2.Design & Planning

    Maybe you know exactly what you want to remodel in your family room or maybe you’re not sure. If you need help with designing and planning a new family room, a general contractor can share his wealth of expertise with you to help you create the room of your dreams. Alter the flow of your family room and create various areas designed for different activities – make a gaming corner, a movie area, a wet bar and a conversation nook all in the same room to serve everyone in your family.

  3. 3.Site Preparation

    Preparing for the work involves creating the plan and then executing it. Your municipality likely requires work permits prior to beginning the work. A general contractor will know about local coding requirements and will understand how to work within these codes for approval. The contractor will also help you attain the building permits you need to proceed with the work.

  4. 4.Choosing Materials, Furniture & Accessories

    With the coding requirements finished, the contractor also has the skills necessary to plan out the materials order to ensure that your project has the materials it needs for completion. The contractor will take care of materials orders and gathering the work crew and equipment. Your job involves shopping for the new furniture and accessories you’ll need for your family room.


    If you’re making the area larger and revamping the style and feel, this calls for a whole new look, which involves a total redo of everything in the room. Do some browsing to determine what type of furniture you want. Do you want to create a traditional theater-style home theater area, complete with movie theater seats or would you rather create a comfort zone with a deep and plush sectional that will seat the whole family plus guests?


    Don’t forget window coverings, rugs, accents, wall décor and lighting as you choose the new pieces that will make up your family room.

  5. 5.Problems That May Arise

    Unforeseen issues can occur, even with a professional. Sometimes you get into a job and unexpected structural damage might become evident, which halts the remodel while you resolve the other issues. This would be the time when having a professional on the job is even more important than otherwise, because the general contractor will have the knowledge to handle issues and he’ll be able to advise you about how to proceed. Once you resolve unexpected issues, the remodeling work can continue.

  6. 6.Site Cleanup

    Remodeling a room isn’t simple or easy, so expect a fair amount of mess and trash. Whatever materials the general contractor pulls out of the existing family room will need to go. With a professional, disposing of materials is likely part of the provided services. All the trash created with the project will disappear after the project finishes because the professional will clean up the site to leave it in pristine order.

  7. 7.Cost to Complete a Family Room Remodel

    The cost to complete a family room remodel depends on several factors. Your geographic area is one factor that will determine how expensive your remodeling work will be. The extent of the remodel also determines the bottom line price because the longer the project and the more materials required, the higher the project price. If you choose expensive materials with a higher price tag, expect your remodeling price to be higher. If other systems require upgrading or remodeling in addition to the remodel, such as your heating and cooling system, expect a higher price. The price range for remodeling a family room ranges from $263 for a modest project and $3,850 for an extensive one. The average price for a family room remodel is $1,662. See our Family Room Remodel Price Guide for additional information.

  8. 8.Pro Referral

    Pro Referral can help you find the perfect professional to remodel your family room. Each Pro is background checked and licensed and insured so that you can hire with confidence. Read the customer reviews, credentials, and business profiles of all of our Pros and let a qualified professional turn a difficult project into a completed one!


    Transform your family room into a new comfort zone that your entire family will love to live in. Once you finish, you may wonder why you didn’t remodel your family room sooner.

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