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A Father's Guide to Interior Decoration

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > A Father's Guide to Interior Decoration
A Father's Guide to Interior Decoration

A man’s home is his castle, or at least it is as much as his family permits. Most wives and older kids are smart enough to let the father feel that he is in charge, even if the reality is very different. This allows them to get him to do a lot of the work that no one else wants to do – after all, he is the boss. This really comes to the fore when it comes to interior decoration.

  1. 1.Your Home’s Interior Reflects Your Family

    Without using gender stereotypes it is possible to divide interior décor into three basic types. The first is that of the mother and wife who wants an elegant home that she can be proud of. Then there are the children whose priority is being able to move around freely without fear of breaking stuff and getting the home dirty. Having a place to play and hang out is also a major concern.


    Then comes the father – his priorities are simplicity and ease of maintenance. So when it comes time to decorate the house, all three concepts need to be included in the design. But they are not all equal – one concept is praised and appreciated by the whole family, but seems to get left out in the final plan. If you are a father, you know which one that is – nothing more needs to be said. What really matters when it comes to interior decor is not just style and elegance but the comfort levels of the family. With this background in mind, here is a father’s guide to interior decoration.


    If you are planning to redecorate your home and want to find the best resources for the materials and equipment you need, you will find area wise information on suppliers via the power and magnitude of the Internet. And if you prefer to have the job completed by dedicated and magnificent professionals, information on interior designer and remodeling contractors in your area is also available online. You may be able to conduct all your research with your smartphone and perhaps a slice of paper and a pen.

  2. 2.The Basics of Interior Décor a Father Needs to Know

    Whether your interior decoration is a DIY project or one for which you are hiring an interior decorator, knowing the basic concepts of décor and design will help you to create the kind of home that will make your family happy – and since that will make you happy, that’s all that matters.


    The first basic concept of design is that of color. As a father you are probably thinking of darker shades that will not show dirt and which are going to be long lasting so you won’t be hassled with needing to touch up the paint every year or so. But color is what gives a room its mood. Light colored walls make a room open and airy while dark shades give the feel of tranquility and peace. Using the right colors for each room is the foundation of how it will feel.


    Next comes the furniture and fixtures. Uniformity in furniture design is important, but you don’t want to make the home look like a military barracks. Balance a basic furniture style with a few pieces that will offer contrast to give the room an aura of variety within the overall design concept. The same applies to the fixtures. For example, sharp modern light fittings will not jell with heavy traditional leather couches and chairs. Keep in mind that cabinets and wall mounted devices such as TVs and music systems free up a lot of floor space to give a room a more open look.


    Every room has a theme. A sitting or dining room is where guests are entertained and the design of the room should reflect that. The décor should allow for guests to enter comfortably, sit in positions where the conversation is easy and move around without hindrance. And if you are a family that entertains a lot, a bar and a place for snacks is essential. Some rooms are multi-functional such as the kitchen which is where food is prepared, where friends come in for some coffee, beer, wine, and so forth, where odd jobs are done, family meetings are held, and homework is struggled with. For rooms like this, all the various uses must be taken into account when the layout and décor is planned. Focus on the use of a room and you won’t go wrong. Being practical is every bit as important as looking sharp and being aesthetically pleasing.


    Texture may seem to be an odd consideration, but it plays an important role in décor. People are tactile by nature – they like to touch things and what they feel affects how they perceive a room. A family room or den can have rough textured upholstery, roughhewn furniture and brightly colored rugs and throw cushions for sprawling on the floor. The roughness gives an air of simplicity and informal comfort. But that is not what you want in a dining room which may be simple or elegant and sophisticated but needs to have furnishings that are more smooth and subdued so that the focus is on providing an atmosphere where eating is both comfortable and enjoyable.


    When it comes to the actual decorating project, a lot may seem like simple DIY stuff you can do yourself. Just remember that when it comes to décor, appearance is a major factor and a job not properly executed can ruin the look and feel of the whole house, not just a room. Mounting a flat screen TV on a wall may seem simple enough, but if the TV is not perfectly aligned and level even the slightest deviation will be magnified when it is being watched. You do not want your Monday Night Football friends pointing this out.


    Use your judgment on the type of projects you can do yourself and where getting expert help will be safer and less expensive in the long run since repairing defective DIY jobs is more costly than having the work done in the beginning by a professional.

  3. 3.Decorate for the Family

    As a father you want to provide the best possible home for your family. That means more than just a home that is large enough for everyone to have space. It means creating an atmosphere where all the family is comfortable and this is more than just gizmos and gadgets. Comfort involves people being at peace and at ease.


    When decorating receives inputs from the entire family, do your best to incorporate everyone’s wishes as much as possible, but use the basic concept of decorating is to ensure that the result is harmonious. And if your wants are not catered to as much as you would like, that’s the price of being the dad. Of course, you can always find a little space to create your own area which may be small, but will be just for you. You can do this later.

  5. 4.Focusing on the Function Tenant

    If you have to go with a different color in the room to satisfy your family, that is fine. But as long as you get what you want in terms of functionality that should be a simple tradeoff.

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