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How Much Does a Faucet Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Faucet Repair Cost?
How Much Does a Faucet Repair Cost?

A broken faucet is a frustrating inconvenience on its own, but resulting leaks can be costly and cause damage to your home. Understanding common problems and issues can help you plan your faucet project to correct existing problems and prevent new ones.

Average Prices

Faucet Types

Faucet repairs can range from stopping simple drips to a replacing an entire faucet assembly. The extent of repairs and the location of your faucet will affect the cost of materials and your plumber’s labor, and repair prices often vary with the type of faucet that is serviced. Average faucet repair prices in the U.S. include $109 for bathroom sinks, $122 for tub and shower units, $110 for kitchen sinks, and $109 for commercial faucets.


Clogged Faucets

Faucets often become clogged with mineral deposits over time, resulting in problems like spraying from the spout or low pressure. Repairs for these issues are often simple and involve inexpensive parts such as O-rings and screens. Prices for repairing a clogged faucet range from $75 to $144, varying with the nature and extent of the obstruction.


Noisy Faucets

Several issues can cause noise to come from a faucet when it is turned on, and the type of sound your faucet makes can help your plumber diagnose the problem. Repairs range from simple washer replacements to more complex disassembly and repair, and typically cost between $83 and $160, nationally.


Leaking Faucets

Whether your faucet has a slow drip from the spout or is seeping water from its base, any leak can cause staining and damage to your fixtures and lead to additional, expensive repairs The source and severity of leaks help determine the supplies and time needed for repairs, which generally cost from $83 to $160.


Broken Faucets

If your faucet is visibly broken, leaks or operational problems from the damage can lead to bigger issues. The extent and expense of repairs usually depends on which part is broken; handles and sprayers can often be replaced easily, but a cracked faucet body may require extensive repairs or complete replacement of the faucet. Since repair options vary with the nature of damage, repair prices range from $86 to $166.


Loose Faucets

Faucet handles, and entire assemblies, can become loose over time with regular use. Often, tightening components can resolve problems, but if excessive wear has damaged some faucet parts, repair or replacement may be necessary. Prices for repairing loose faucets vary with the time and parts needed, but generally fall between $71 and $137.


Faucet Repair Service

It can be difficult to anticipate the depth and expense of a plumbing repair, but evaluating your faucet problem and accounting for potential damages can help you prepare for the project. As you are planning for your faucet repair service, check for water damage that may require attention after the plumbing aspect of your job is complete. Even small leaks can run down pipes and hoses and seep into hidden areas, causing damage to cabinetry, walls, and floors. Your plumber may be able to help you assess the damage, but a carpentry or drywall contractor will be needed to make repairs. Prompt repair of faucet problems can restore proper function and help prevent costly water damage to your home.

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