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How Much Does a Fence Painting Job Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Fence > How Much Does a Fence Painting Job Cost?
How Much Does a Fence Painting Job Cost?

Painting a fence seems like a simple enough task, but there are a few complications that may make you rethink doing it yourself – most notably the size of such a job, but also important preparations that go into a quality job. The price, however, can be quite affordable. Let’s look at a few scenarios and see what it costs and what’s involved.

Average Prices

Wood Fence Painting

The traditional fence is made of wood, whether of planks and posts separating or bisecting yards, or of a classic picket design, as is popular in many front yards and gardens. Because a fence is subject to weather extremes, it is often made of durable wood such as redwood, which is resistant to rot. However, many years of UV radiation from the sun, moisture from rain, and damage from wind will take their toll. Priming is critical to protect from moisture and UV rays. It may also be necessary to strip away old paint and repair rotted posts or planks. A typical fence costs $333 to $865 for these services without repair, but when replacing or repairing posts, budget an additional 15 to 20 percent. Instead of painting, you may want to stain the fence to bring out the natural woodgrain; the darker the color, the longer-lasting protection it will provide. These stains cost $333 to $865 per gallon and will cover 200 – 250 square feet per gallon.


Metal Fence Painting

Metal fences are common in many backyards, porches and pool areas. They too will last much longer if properly prepared, and there are several excellent metal primers for this purpose. You may need to sand or scrape away corroded areas and apply rust-inhibiting primers/solutions before painting. Once the surface is prepared, using an oil-based paint designed for metal (such as those from Rustoleum) will provide the longest-lasting protection. For the metal fence painting and cleanup, expect a price of $360 to $936.


Vinyl Fence Painting

Just as there are vinyl window frames, there are also vinyl fencing materials which hold up well under many weather conditions. When the surface becomes weathered you will need to paint these with epoxy paint that will stick to the slick plastic surface. This paint requires a very clean surface to adhere correctly, so your contractor will also need to clean it with TSP or another powerful solution. A vinyl fence painting typically costs $347 to $902.


Painting vs Staining Fence

Paint forms a thin film over the top of wood, whereas stain actually soaks into it. Either will change the appearance and color, and will protect the wood from the elements, but stain will allow the grain of the wood to show through (unless you choose a “solid” color stain). Many prefer to use stain because the beauty of the wood will be preserved, and some stains have additives to prevent rot, pests, and damage from UV rays. The cost is similar but you may find that new fences will need two or more coats, as the bare wood will absorb more material than a previously painted or stained fence. The price averages $549 for fence painting and $555 for fence staining.


Waterproof and Seal Fence

Several products are available to make a fence’s wood last longer via waterproofing or “sealing” – forming a permanent clear barrier over paint or stain. Most often these steps are done when staining, as the additives are better able to adhere to stained surfaces than paint. They can add another degree of protection from pests or UV rays as well. Expect a price from $354 to $920 for your contractor to do this task.


Prepping the Fence

Preparing the surface is a critical step in any painting or staining job, and one that is often overlooked as many people are in a hurry to finish a job. Using a powered pressure washer is a great, fast way to clean a fence before painting. It involves a high-pressure water/detergent tank and cleaning wand, and a professional can usually clean a fence in less than an hour. This task usually costs $317 to $825.


Fence Painting Services

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