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How Much Does Fireplace Painting Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > How Much Does Fireplace Painting Cost?
How Much Does Fireplace Painting Cost?

Many people don’t consider a fireplace as something that can be painted, but of course it can be, and at a decent price. Whether you plan to use your fireplace or not, it’s a large focal point of any living room, so painting it can make a huge difference to the room’s overall look. Here’s an overview of the process and the cost.

Average Prices

Household Fireplace Painting

Many fireplaces are bare, unfinished brick. If there is soot covering the bricks from previous fires, scraping them with a wire brush can help restore them to the original look – but can be a messy job. Many painters are experienced in masonry restoration and can do this step as part of a fireplace repainting. Cleaning with a wire brush is followed by filling in any cracked mortar or firebricks with a thermoplastic mortar (designed for high temperature) before paint is applied. The price for this type of job is usually $175 to $451.


Apartment Fireplace Painting

In an apartment, the steps for repainting a fireplace are typically the same as in a home, but the fireplace will often be a little smaller than you’d find in a house. Hence materials costs will be a little less but the price otherwise for procedure and time involved will be about the same as for a house. Plan on spending $202 to $446 for this service in a typical apartment.


Fireplace Painting at Businesses

Some businesses will be located in a structure that includes a fireplace, and the procedure will be similar to that in a regular home in most cases. Local regulations and building codes, as well as air-quality rules, may stipulate the time at which a fireplace can be used, however. It may be impractical to use the fireplace as originally intended; if that’s the case, a good decorative painting, filling in all the cracks, and closing the flue will help the area look good and possibly save money on heating as well (by eliminating drafts from the closed flue). The price will be about the same as for a house - $227 to $493.


Painting on Wood, Brick and Stone

The mantel around your fireplace is likely to be wood, and you may want to paint this at the same time as the masonry. However, paint and filler for brick and masonry is a different type than for wood. A qualified painter will know the best type to use, as there are several types of masonry/stucco/brick paint, including elastomeric, which is useful for filling in gaps in addition to caulking. Masonry and elastomeric masonry paint can be mixed in just about all the same colors as regular paint, so you can use your imagination. Bricks don’t have to stay red. The price for prepping and painting the brickwork is $282, wood and brick is $353 and stone is $342.


Current Fireplace Condition

If you have an unpainted fireplace (which is usually the case), cleaning it with a wire brush will suffice for painting preparation, but if it’s already painted you may need to take additional cleaning steps to remove the old paint. If it’s flaking off from age or exposure to heat, it may be possible to remove most of it with a scraper in addition to the brush, but hazardous chemical strippers may be needed. The price tag for finishing an unpainted fireplace is $427, a flaky fireplace is $317, stained fireplace is $336, and a painted fireplace is $392. Stained brickwork won’t necessarily clean up like paint or soot, but cleaning and brushing the surface is still needed for a new coat to adhere properly.

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