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Flagstone Patio Installation Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Patio & Walkway > Flagstone Patio Installation Guide
Flagstone Patio Installation Guide

Laying a flagstone patio is like putting together a puzzle. Except, it’s up to you what your pieces look like and who creates the picture. Flagstone isn’t just nice to look at – it’s long-lasting and requires very little maintenance.


Flagstone comes in a variety of natural shades. It is available in red or blue tones, it can be a light tan or a dark brown. You can choose from a variety of textures and color combinations, too.


You’ve got a little work ahead of you before you can sit back and enjoy your new flagstone patio.

  1. 1.Plot Your Patio

    First, figure out how large you’d like your patio to be and what shape you’d like to make it. It’s best to use land that is level. Flagstone patios can be square, rectangular or curvy, depending on the shape of the flagstones you select. Use string or wooden stakes to mark off the area. A few warnings: be careful that you are not installing your patio over any important electrical lines or cables. You should also make sure your patio doesn’t run over onto your neighbor’s property. Finally, remember that the larger the patio, the more you will spend on materials; budget accordingly. If your patio is close to your house, you will have to make sure water can properly drain away from your building

  2. Laying a flagstone patio is like putting together a puzzle. Except, it’s up to you what your pieces look like and who creates the picture
  3. 2.Wet vs. Dry

    You have two options for your patio instillation: wet or dry. Wet flagstone instillation uses cement to hold the stones in place. It lasts longer, but there is more room for error. Dry instillation uses sand as the base. The sand gives the installer a little more room to play around with the placement of the flagstone. However, it requires a little more maintenance. Figure out which option is best for you.

  4. 3.The Foundation

    To establish the foundation, dig down about four inches all around the area where the flagstones will be placed. Use pieces of wood to build a form to establish your boundaries and help prevent material overflow. Then, put down your sand base. How deep your base is depends on how thick your flagstones are. Lay down a test piece to see how it looks and make adjustments from there.

  5. 4.The Flagstone

    Your flagstones should fit together like puzzle pieces. If you have some that don’t quite fit, it’s pretty easy to cut them to make them fit using a chisel and a mini-sledgehammer. Make sure each stone is securely in place. Make sure you don’t injure yourself handling the flagstone. Take breaks as needed and lift it carefully, using your legs.

  6. 5.Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

    This is a job that requires a lot of physical activity. Digging and lifting can be hard work. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend for help with your flagstone project. You might even consider contacting a hardscape contractor about the job.


    A flagstone patio can increase the property value of your home and make it much more enjoyable. Make sure you install it right the first time so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

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