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Front Load Washer Maintenance Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > Front Load Washer Maintenance Guide
Front Load Washer Maintenance Guide

Front load washers are more popular than ever before. That’s because these washers look sleek and modern – and they get the job done.


Most experts agree that the biggest benefit to a front loading washer is its energy efficiency. It uses a lot less water than a traditional top loading machine, which is great for the environment and great for your wallet. Another benefit is how fast it spins. Front loaders can spin your clothes a lot faster than top loading machines. That means your clothes aren’t as wet when you put them in the dryer – another win for energy efficiency. Finally, front loaders can be stacked on top of a dryer which saves you valuable space inside your home.

  1. 1.Why Does Your Front Load Washer Need Maintenance?

    Front load washers are more popular than ever before. That’s because these washers look sleek and modern – and they get the job done.

    Front load washers are great – but they aren’t perfect. Chances are, you will need maintenance work done here and there to keep your machine running well. What kind of work do these machines typically need? The most common complaint about front loading washers seems to be that mold can grow inside the rubber gasket around the machine’s glass window. That mold can make your clothes – even your house – smell terrible. You can avoid this problem by making sure to only use high efficiency (HE) detergent to wash your clothes, removing wet clothes right away, and “clean” the inside of your washer by running a cycle using just hot water and bleach.

  2. 2.How to Find a Front Load Washer Repair Expert

    Often, the company that made your washer will have certified specialists to repair your machine. These repairs may even be covered by a warranty. Make sure to keep all the documents that came with the machine to know what the warranty covers, how long it lasts and under what conditions the warranty is null and void.


    Contact the company as soon as you begin to notice problems with your washer. You can also seek the help of an independent contractor.

  4. 3.How to Avoid Problems with Your Front Load Washer

    Avoid problems with your washer by treating it with care. Don’t overload your washer. Try to keep it clean, free of debris and build-up. Use the right kind of laundry detergent for your washer. Also, don’t just toss out the owner’s manual that came with the washer – read it! It has lots of helpful guidelines to keep your machine running in tip-top shape.


    Your washing machine provides a great service to you and your family. It allows you to have clean, fresh-smelling clothes at your convenience without having to haul them out the door to a Laundromat. Treat your machine with care and make sure to get it serviced regularly and it will keep you looking good.

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