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What to Consider Before Installing Garage Cabiniets

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Garage > What to Consider Before Installing Garage Cabiniets
What to Consider Before Installing Garage Cabiniets

The garage is one of the most versatile spaces in the home. It can serve as a storage area, a workshop or studio, or even a living area (plus, you can park your car in it). Unfortunately, most garages are not initially designed to cater to all the different uses a household puts it to; this is one of the primary reasons why, eventually, many people decide to install garage cabinetry.


Garage spaces don't just get used--they get overused! According to MonsterRax Storage Solutions, about 25% of people who own two-car garages are storing too many things in that space to fit even a single car inside. Even more can only fit one. What this boils down to: We love our garages, but keeping them organized is a task that many of us have difficulty with. This is one area where the right cabinetry can make an enormous difference.

  1. 1.Opt for Quality Materials

    Since garages are often limited when it comes to floor space, the popularity of overhead storage units continues to rise.

    There are a number of things to consider before you actually begin installing new garage cabinets. The use you will put your cabinets to, the space you want them to occupy, and the general conditions in your garage will all play a significant role in choosing the perfect cabinet. Plus there's the price to consider. Cheap garage cabinets--much like cheap cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms--may be cost-effective in the short term, but are more likely to wear out prematurely. Add in the fact that garages often see lots of moisture and temperature changes, and cabinets of lower quality become an even riskier choice.


    When you pick a cabinet, opt for a model that is designed to withstand the unique conditions of your garage. Many manufacturers make cabinets specifically for garage settings that are resistant to moisture, less-likely to rust, and are tough enough to handle a few dents and dings, as well.

  2. 2.Cabinet Placement

    The area you install your cabinet is almost as important as the style of cabinet you buy and the material it is made from, too. Garage cabinets are often raised off the floor to keep them dry in case of flooding. Additionally, cabinets should be positioned in a manner that doesn't leave small crevices for birds and other animals to nest in.


    Since garages are often limited when it comes to floor space, the popularity of overhead storage units continues to rise. A few garage doors have even been designed with opening mechanisms that are situated on the side of the tracks rather than being fixed to the ceiling of the garage in order to provide more overhead storage room.

  3. 3.Cabinet Security

    Though keeping entry doors locked is never a bad idea, those who plan on keeping expensive tools (or those with small children) should consider purchasing garage cabinets that lock securely. A desperate thief may be tempted to take just about anything of value--including items in the garage--but just the sight of a securely locked cabinet that cannot be easily broken into may deter a would-be-robber.

  4. 4.Hire a Professional or Do-It-Yourself

    Installing garage cabinets is far from the most difficult job in the home improvement world. Just about any DIY with a fair amount of experience can successfully mount his or her cabinets with relative ease. Even for those with the knowledge of how this job should be done, however, may benefit from the guidance of a professional in other aspects of the task.


    Those who deal with garages and garage components on a daily basis have an excellent understanding of what works and what falls short. This means that they will be able to give you extremely sound (and typically unbiased) information on which brands and models of cabinets work best under the specific conditions in your garage. They've seen these units in action, and they know which ones are way over-priced and which gives you great value for less. Asking a professional for his or her advice in purchasing and installing garage cabinets might not be an absolute necessity for an experienced do-it-yourselfer, but it definitely has its perks!

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