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Common Garage Door Problems & Solutions

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Garage > Common Garage Door Problems & Solutions
Common Garage Door Problems & Solutions

The garage door is perhaps the most used door in a house, even more than the front door. Hence, it is natural that it is likely to see more wear and tear than any other door. If it is not the most used door, it is certainly the largest with the most moving parts. Moreover, there are various problems that can develop in garage doors. At the first indication of a problem, remedial action must be taken to ensure that the matter does not worsen. The garage door itself, its tracks, as well as the opener will have to be looked at to resolve the problem. Each of these components must be looked at individually and also in combination with the others.


Knowing how to fix simple problems with your garage door can come in handy during an emergency. Many publications by universities carry tips on how to go about this. Some problems may be too big for you to handle, but these happen rarely.


A noisy garage door, or a door that doesn’t shut or open properly, are both minor problems that can be handled on your own with a little guidance.

    At the first indication of a problem, remedial action must be taken to ensure that the matter does not worsen.
  1. 1.Screeching Garage Door

    In most cases, screeching garage doors are due to rusty hardware components. Checking all the springs and screws will help you locate the faulty ones. Then, all you need to do is go to the nearest hardware store and obtain replacements. Another reason for a noisy garage door is imbalance caused by faulty springs. This might require the expertise of a professional repairman.

  2. 2.Garage Door Doesn’t Shut Completely

    This problem arises when the sensors that help open and close the garage door are misplaced. The sensors may be too high up or too low down and thus cause the problem. These pressure sensors are programmed to move up when they detect anything in their path. Over time, they tend to wear down and may need greater pressure to function properly. As a result, they may fail to close properly and thus, have to be replaced.

  3. 3.Door Opener Malfunction

    This is a very common problem and everyone faces it at some point or the other. If the remote opener doesn’t work, then the first thing you should do is check the batteries. Replacing the batteries should do the trick. In some instances, the remote may have to be reprogrammed to get it to work again. If all else fails, replacing the remote may be the only option left. If the wall-mounted control is giving you problems, the issue may lie with the electrical circuit or the safety reverse sensors. In this event, you might require the assistance of an expert to get your garage door in perfect condition once again.

  4. 4.Stuck and Broken Garage Doors

    If you need a quick fix or a temporary solution to a garage door that will not fully open, you can just use the manual override which is commonly seen as a cord dangling inside your garage. In some instances, the door might get stuck due to freezing temperatures. In this case, you need to check the pressure adjustments. If your garage door needs to be locked down, you will have to do it manually. Normally, there are horizontal bars on the inside of the garage door which can be pushed into place to lock the door. Broken garage doors, on the other hand, may need professional expertise.

  5. 5.Maintenance Tips

    The moving parts of garage doors must be oiled regularly to ensure that they move smoothly. Lubricating spray or powdered graphite may be used on the pulleys and tracks. All the screws, nuts, and bolts must be tightened periodically. If the tracks have any dents, they should be pounded away and the tracks should always be level and perfectly aligned. The tracks should be kept clean and wiped to remove any dust and dirt that might have gathered there. Corrosive cleaners should not be used on garage doors since it might lead to damage. If you have wooden garage doors, then it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.


    Carrying out these small repairs can help save you a lot of money in the long run. These minute problems are bound to occur every now and then, so it is good to be prepared well in advance.

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