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How Much Does Garage Floor Painting Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > How Much Does Garage Floor Painting Cost?
How Much Does Garage Floor Painting Cost?

Finishing your garage floor can improve the appearance and value of the garage and simplify cleaning and maintenance. A number of options for coatings can provide a durable and lasting finish, whether you use your garage for heavy vehicle maintenance or for parking and storage. Discuss with your contractor whether paint or epoxy is best suited for your needs, and how the size and features of your garage will contribute to the difficulty and cost of the project.

Average Prices

Garage Size

The amount of preparation, material, time, and labor need for garage floor painting increases with the size of the floor treated. Though the overall condition of the concrete is a factor, the size of your garage is a good indicator of the demands of the project. Nationally, applying a finish to the floor of a one-car garage costs about $392, compared to $647 for a two-car garage, $903 for a three-car garage and $1278 for a four-car garage.


Current Floor Finish

Preparation techniques and materials may vary with the condition and current finish of your garage floor. Unsealed concrete can typically be prepared with thorough cleaning, repair of cracks, and acid etching, costing an average of $602 across the country. Re-painting or applying epoxy over a painted floor may require your contractor to also strip or sand the existing finish, and costs about $814. Like paint, an existing epoxy finish may need to be removed, sanded, or etched in order for a new application to adhere. The added prep work involved in re-painting an epoxy finish contributes to average project costs of $937.


Supplying Materials

Suitable paints and epoxy coating kits are available from retailers nationwide, enabling homeowners to supply the materials for a garage floor painting job. Providing materials allows you to shop for and take delivery of your choice of products. Primarily labor charges will make up the cost of your professional painting project, which averages $483. Conversely, your contractor can recommend and provide materials for your project, simplifying the process for you and ensuring he can use supplies he is confident with. If you opt to have materials included in the price of your project, it may cost about $818.


Planning for a Garage Floor Painting Project

A number of factors can contribute to the scope and expense of a garage floor painting project. Evaluate the current condition of your floor to anticipate repairs and preparation, and be sure to discuss site requirements with your contractor. Plan ahead for emptying your garage prior to painting in order to prevent costly delays, and consider how the fumes emitted during application of epoxy products may affect your family. Your contractor can let you know which products are most effective for your garage floor, and if ventilation or drying conditions are of particular concern. Proper planning can help ensure a high quality floor finish that will protect your garage for years to come.

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