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How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Installation Cost?

A garbage disposal can simplify kitchen cleanup and add convenience to an otherwise messy job. The cost for professional installation of your garbage disposal will be affected by your choice of disposal and the condition of the connection site. As you plan for your garbage disposal installation, keep in mind a few details that will affect the job and its price.

Average Prices

New Installation

Garbage disposals require both electrical and plumbing connections. If your sink has never been fitted with a disposal unit, ask your contractor if it is sturdy enough to support one and to withstand the vibrations of its operation, and if any new wiring will be needed. The layout of your home will determine the complexity and cost of the wiring process. The amount of prep work required and the model of disposal you choose contribute to installation costs, which currently range from $100 to $183 in the U.S.


Replacing an Existing Unit

If you are replacing an existing disposal with a new one, chances are good that modifications will not be needed to fit the new unit. Installation rates for replacement disposals are generally between $88 and $162, and are affected by the ease of removal of your old unit and any plumbing or electrical repairs that are needed to properly install the new unit.


Installations With an On/Off Switch Already in Place

Two basic types of disposal units are available for your installation: batch-feed models that are activated by the placement of a stopper in the drain, and continuous feed disposals that are activated by an external switch mounted above the sink. If you are fitting a continuous-feed disposal and already have an on/off switch in place, you can expect to pay between $90 and $165 for your installation.


Installations Without an On/Off Switch in Place

If your disposal requires a switch for activation but there is not already one in place, the additional electrical work will contribute to installation rates from $123 to $226. Be sure to ask your contractor if he will provide for any necessary electrical work, or if you will need to hire an electrician for the job. The availability of wiring near the disposal site will simplify installing a switch, but complete wiring needed from your electrical panel to the kitchen will increase overall costs.


Installing a Disposal Purchased by Homeowner

A number of features are available for garbage disposals, from different power options to anti-jamming features, sound dampening, stainless steel grind chambers, and septic tank compatibility. Carefully evaluate which brands and models meet your usage requirements. If you select and purchase a disposal unit yourself, your installation should cost between $96 and $176. While your contractor may be spared the task of supplying the disposal, he may need to provide parts or fittings that are required for the installation.


Installing a Disposal Supplied by Contractor

Your contractor may recommend or supply a specific brand or model of disposal for your installation, based on your application and expected usage. Contractors usually supply equipment with quality and features that they have experience with, so installations are generally efficient and are priced at $93 to $173, nationally.


Garbage Disposal Installation Services

A garbage disposal is a useful upgrade to any kitchen. As you are planning for your garbage disposal installation, evaluate which models are best suited for your application and whether special modifications will be needed to fit your sink with a disposal. Installing a unit that meets the usage needs of your household is an economical way to simplify your work in the kitchen.

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