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Gate Bolt Lock Installation Guide

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Gate Bolt Lock Installation Guide

The security of your home and outside property requires careful consideration to make sure that you incorporate every aspect of control into your plan. While locks on doors and windows are an integral part of home security, the first line of defense starts at your perimeter.


A fence and a gate that encloses your property can be an important key for keeping your home safe. The Granite City, Illinois website recommends specific types of fencing for the highest level of security. It’s also necessary to use gate latches and locks to keep your fence closed to intruders.


Gate bolt lock installation will give you peace of mind and it will help keep your home and property safe from crime.

  1. 1.Fence Recommendations

    Gate bolt lock installation will give you peace of mind and it will help keep your home and property safe from crime.

    While it’s common to want privacy for your front, back and side yards, this privacy can come at a cost. The privacy you create could also give a burglar the needed privacy to case your house and break into it. It’s also not a good idea to install solid fences made of wood for several reasons. Criminals can usually scale them easily and you may even find that they make an appealing surface for graffiti. Make sure you check with local codes and ordinances to learn requirements about fence height, location and the allowable styles.

  2. 2.Gate Latches

    The gate latch will be the mechanism that holds the gate closed securely. Make sure the gate latch secures into the gate with carriage bolts. It’s also important to weld the nuts on so a burglar can’t remove them manually. Another option is to strip the bolt threads to keep people from removing them.

  3. 3.Gate Latch Selection

    While it may seem like you could interchange door hardware with gate hardware, it’s not quite that simple. Gate latches have a special design that makes them ideal for outdoor installation in wood that will expand and contract with seasonal weather changes. You’ll need to position a gate at the correct distance away from the jamb to accommodate seasonal changes, too. The gate latch needs an external bar that will engage properly with the jamb. Another option might be a gate latch deadbolt that will install into the gate and the jamb. For a deadbolt to be an effective alternative, the jamb has to be strong enough to support it to keep the gate locked when the deadbolt is thrown.

  4. 4.Gate Latch Installation

    You can install a gate bolt latch and lock yourself as long as you have basic construction skills and a mind for details. You’ll need to measure precisely for the correct placement of the latch or you could end up with a few extra holes in your gate. In some cases, if you’re buying the gate and the hardware from the same manufacturer, you may be able to get holes for the hardware predrilled to avoid costly mistakes.

  5. 5.Gate Bolt Lock

    Two common gate bolt designs – the slide bolt and the surface bolt – come in a variety of sizes and styles. These bolts generally mount to both the gate and the jamb with mounting hardware. When the bolts are in the locked position, the gate will not open.


    Whether you choose to install a gate latch and lock yourself or you opt for a professional installation, the comfort you’ll get from the added security can be beneficial for your entire family. Your locking mechanism doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated to give you the security you want to keep your family and property safe.

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