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Gazebo Canopy Replacement Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > Gazebo Canopy Replacement Guide
Gazebo Canopy Replacement Guide

The canopy of a gazebo is the overhead structure that provides both shade and shelter from the sun and elements. With time, this gazebo roof may suffer wear and deterioration, necessitating that you remove the worn canopy and replace it with a new one.


The University of Minnesota provides helpful and informative instructions on building overhead structures for outdoor buildings. You’ll find a list of tools and equipment needed to complete the project as well as instructions for the project.


With a gazebo canopy replacement guide, your gazebo will have renewed strength and structure and it will be ready to serve your family for years.

  1. After attaching the tubes of the frame, position the fabric from the canopy over the sides of the gazebo to cover the upper corners.

    1.Read Gazebo Instructions

    Because the gazebo canopy receives the brunt of the sunshine and other weather elements, you will probably find that it wears faster than the other parts of a gazebo. When the canopy wears and needs replacing, you can extend the overall life of your gazebo by replacing only the canopy. Many gazebo manufacturers understand the way gazebos wear and make the canopy part available for separate purchase to enable you to replace only this part of your gazebo.


    It’s important to read the instructions of your replacement canopy for the gazebo carefully to ensure that you understand the design and the way to construct it to place it onto your gazebo. The canopy may consist of one large cover or a large and small fabric cover that fit together to create the canopy.

  2. 2.Constructing Gazebo Canopy

    If your gazebo canopy includes a large fabric cover and a small fabric cover, the large cover should fit onto the frame first before the small cover. Generally, the large cover probably has an open center area where you will fit the small cover.


    Once you attach the large cover to the frame, attach the small fabric cover to the smaller frame piece, stretching it tightly over the frame and attaching it securely. You may find a finial piece that fits at the center top point of the small fabric cover after you attach it to the frame.


    Attach the small frame piece to the large frame piece, pinning or snapping the pieces into place securely. Check the connections to ensure they’re strong and solid before attaching the canopy to the gazebo.

  4. 3.Attaching Gazebo Canopy

    Position the constructed canopy onto the gazebo to connect it. You will probably find connector tubes on both the canopy frame and the pillars of the gazebo at the corners – four corners if your gazebo is square, six corners if the gazebo has a hexagon shape and eight corners if your gazebo is octagonal. After attaching the tubes of the frame, position the fabric from the canopy over the sides of the gazebo to cover the upper corners. The fabric helps keep rain from leaking through the canopy of the gazebo. If your gazebo has screen panels, the fabric from the canopy should cover the top of the screen panels.


    With careful examination of the canopy replacement parts and by following the instructions, your gazebo will have a newer appearance and it should last for many years in your backyard.

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